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34 minutes ago by rjbgoudie
An Overview of Lead and Accompaniment Separation in Music
Survey of source separation techniques with a bunch of references to check out
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2 days ago by sulkaritari
Guide to Digital Signal Processing for Scientists and Engineers
Really should go all the way through this to make sure I can say exactly what some of these things are and get a more total foundation on techniques
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2 days ago by sulkaritari
Erlangen program
Some useful perspective on historical motivation of geometric approach to solutions; manifolds etc. you figure it out
pdf  lecture  short  geometry 
2 days ago by sulkaritari
you should already know
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2 days ago by sulkaritari
Imagining the Balkans
"If the Balkans hadn't existed, they would have been invented" was the verdict of Count Hermann Keyserling in his famous 1928 publication, Europe. This book traces the relationship between the reality and the invention. Based on a rich selection of travelogues, diplomatic accounts, academic surveys, journalism, and belles-lettres in many languages, Imagining the Balkans explores the ontology of the Balkans from the eighteenth century to the present day, uncovering the ways in which an insidious intellectual tradition was constructed, became mythologized, and is still being transmitted as discourse.
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2 days ago by sulkaritari
BIT inklusiv
German inclusive technology project
Represented on PDF Association
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2 days ago by magster

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