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Using mind mapping to clarify your job and bring order to task-switching chaos
How you can use mind mapping to clarify the focus areas of your job and prioritize the most important tasks you should be spending your time on.
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9 days ago by johannesholmberg
The “Burner List”—My simple, paper-based system for focused to-dos
You can fold the paper, draw a line down the middle, or just eyeball it. Precision is unimportant. What is important is the metaphor you’ve just created: Left = front burner. Right = back burner.
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14 days ago by paulbradshaw
Multiple Perspectives On Technical Problems and Solutions
Technology Architects like to see themselves as power figures, decision makers or custodians of the one true way. We set up regular meetings with elaborate titles like, “Architecture Review Board”, to vet solutions to business problems from a position of power. Without architectural sign off, nothing should proceed. How else do we ensure consistency and adherence with standards.

> “It was just a presentation by the engineer(s) looking for feedback on a solution they came up with, and [we] would ask questions. The meeting was open to anyone in the company who wanted to attend. The hope was that many engineers would attend, actually. The intent here was to help the engineers describe their problem as thoroughly as they can, and by asking questions, we could help draw out any tacit assumptions they made in thinking through the problem. In a nutshell: it was a critical-thinking exercise, and we wanted engineers to want to do this, because it was ideally about providing feedback.”

This article takes a look at the Architectural Review that took place at Etsy. There was no board, no decision making, simply the opportunity for discussion. I can well imagine that creating the cultural conditions to allow such discussion to take place, free from organisational or experience driven hierarchies would have been quite a challenge, it’s encouraging to hear that it was successful even as the company grew.
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15 days ago by billglover’s Data Labs makes it possible for large groups of employees in a single company or industry to quickly share and aggregate information about what’s happening in their jobs and workplaces.
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20 days ago by andrewn

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