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Going Indie. Step 2: Reclaiming Content · Matthias Ott – User Experience Designer
✍ I just published the second part of “Going Indie”, a series on digital citizenship, privacy, and the open web:
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20 days ago by matthiasott
Brian Hendrickson on Twitter: "I'm on @davewiner's @1999io now, to federate all the things!"
I'm on @davewiner's @1999io and @manton2's ªª ºº and @evanpro's ªª ºº - now, to federate all the things!
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22 days ago by W6AZ
The lost infrastructure of social media. – Anil Dash – Medium
The lost infrastructure of social media. via Instapaper
The lost infrastructure of social media. More than a decade ago, the earliest era of blogging provided a set of separate but related technologies that helped…
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24 days ago by patrick
An open letter on DRM to the inventor of the web, from the inventor of net neutrality / Boing Boing
An open letter on DRM to the inventor of the web, from the inventor of net neutrality via Instapaper
Tim Wu, the Colombia University law professor and anti-trust/competition expert who coined the term "Net Neutrality," has published an open letter to Tim…
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24 days ago by patrick
Domain Group Developer Portal - Home
We're exposing Domain's data & microservices to the world _for free_! Check it out at

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4 weeks ago by nigeljames
Why Firefox? Because not everybody is a web designer, silly • The Register
RT : Why 🔥🦊 matter?.. because without competition there is no reason to evolve and innovate..
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4 weeks ago by rtanglao
A Content Strategy Conversation — Heinz Wittenbrink
My content strategy conversation with : - Vinesh, it is an honor to be one of your interviewees!
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6 weeks ago by heinzwittenbrink
Here's how to protect your internet browsing data now that it's for sale | Technology | The Guardian
Use a (paid) VPN
A VPN redirects your internet traffic to disguise where your computer, phone or other device is when it makes contact with websites. It also encrypts the information you send across the internet so that it’s unreadable to anyone who wants to intercept that traffic – including ISPs.
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7 weeks ago by W6AZ
Tim Berners-Lee: selling private citizens' browsing data is 'disgusting' | Technology | The Guardian
Berners-Lee also discussed Republican politicians’ plans to roll back the so-called net neutrality protections that are the backbone of an open internet, how his own legacy intersects with the great Alan Turing’s, and the astonishing progress of the web since he launched the very first website on 1 August 1991.
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7 weeks ago by W6AZ

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