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Yes. And chasing funding news, also means you miss out on bootstrapped companies. More focus on #openweb please!
5 days ago by bytebot
Yes. And chasing funding news, also means you miss out on bootstrapped companies. More focus on please!
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5 days ago by bytebot
AMPersand. — Ethan Marcotte
no single company should be able to exert this much influence over the direction of the web.
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5 weeks ago by mirthe
1999 set up on my pi - by John Johnston
Ok, I've got 1999 set up on my pi.

I already have river5 running on my Raspberry pi. Today I thought I'd try to get 1999 running too.

I followed the intructions ate  1999-project/ at master · scripting/1999-project.

nodejs, nmp & nodejs-legacy were already installed. The rest of the install went exactly as the doc suggests.

I've got Dynamic DNS running so just opened up 1999 on my firewall in the bt hub settings.
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11 weeks ago by W6AZ
Show HN: Blot, a static blog powered by Dropbox | Hacker News
As for pricing, the price will only go up in future and perhaps I'll move to a monthly fee. I just wanted to get something set up quickly.

[Now $20/year.]
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12 weeks ago by W6AZ
Decentralized Web Summit
Locking the Web Open.
The Decentralized Web Summit took place at the Internet Archive from June 7th - June 9th, 2016.
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12 weeks ago by stjp
Naming Progressive Web Apps | fberriman
I keep seeing folks (developers) getting all smart-ass saying they should have been PW “Sites” not “Apps” but I just want to put on the record that it doesn’t matter. The name isn’t for you and worrying about it is distraction from just building things that work better for everyone. The name is for your boss, for your investor, for your marketeer. It’s a way for you to keep making things on the open web, even those things that look really “app-y” and your company wants to actually make as a native app, 3 times over. They don’t want you to make websites anymore, but you still can if you’re sneaky, if you tell them it’s what they think they want.
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june 2017 by dirtystylus
Getting Started - IndieWeb
Get started on the indieweb by connecting with the indiewebcamp community, getting a personal domain, a place for your content, and setting up your home page & other indieweb essentials.
Perhaps you relate to all the reasons why you should be on the indieweb, but you're not sure how to get there.
Here are a few simple steps you can take to get you on your way to being on the indieweb. Each of these steps is a just a bit more challenging and will give you more independence.
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june 2017 by W6AZ

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