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HAU politics
Anthropology open access journal explodes with allegations of a hostile work environment
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2 days ago by nelson
Important read for anthropologists by the brilliant on and power.
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5 days ago by ali.alkhatib
"Even for JSTOR where we see lots of usage, I am astonished by use of books" says Frank Smith . 1…
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5 days ago by amandafrench
"Even for JSTOR where we see lots of usage, I am astonished by use of books" says Frank Smith . 1…
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5 days ago by ariddell
Reasoning and Interest: Clustering Open Access - LePublikateur
The primary goal of this text is to provide guidance to his senior thesis students on how to conduct research in his lab by working within general principles that promote research transparency using the specific open science practices described here. While it is aimed at undergraduate psychology students, hopefully it will be of use to other faculty/researchers/students who are interested in adopting open science practices in their labs.
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6 days ago by marlened
[1806.05029] Unbundling Open Access dimensions: a conceptual discussion to reduce terminology inconsistencies
The current ways in which documents are made freely accessible in the Web no longer adhere to the models established Budapest/Bethesda/Berlin (BBB) definitions of Open Access (OA). Since those definitions were established, OA-related terminology has expanded, trying to keep up with all the variants of OA publishing that are out there. However, the inconsistent and arbitrary terminology that is being used to refer to these variants are complicating communication about OA-related issues. This stud...
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7 days ago by marlened
33) Excellent contribution from on what the crisis means for publishing and ant…
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7 days ago by hwileniu
An essay on , emphasizing not only access, but openness---as an openness to knowledge.

I would like to…
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8 days ago by hwileniu
“I’m going to talk about in the context of a neoliberalised academy, & about ways of thinking about it…
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10 days ago by grantpotter
RT : Have you checked out for scholarly articles? If not, you should.
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12 days ago by jasonpriem
Open Access VIS
RT : Open Access VIS - A collection of open access visualization research papers, material, and data
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19 days ago by ljegou

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