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20 hours ago by chriskeene
Welcome to OAPEN | OAPEN
Contains freely accessible academic books, mainly in the area of humanities and social sciences.
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22 hours ago by mjlassila
RT : Norway’s total scholarly output (2011-2015): 68% of articles are openly available
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23 hours ago by aarontay
RT : Hats off to (and ) for going with nearly half of their collection, reminding us that…
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3 days ago by edsonm
This, this and SO MUCH THIS! A powerful read and call to action (and too!) Inside the whale (and how to…
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4 days ago by cweinard
RT : Very excited to figure out how libraries and advocates can work with to identify benefits…
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4 days ago by LibrariesVal
Matthew Cobb, "The prehistory of biology preprints: A forgotten experiment from the 1960s"

In 1961, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) began to circulate biological preprints in a forgotten experiment called the Information Exchange Groups (IEGs). This system eventually attracted over 3,600 participants and saw the production of over 2,500 different documents, but by 1967, it was effectively shut down following the refusal of journals to accept articles that had been circulated as preprints. This article charts the rise and fall of the IEGs and explores the parallels with the 1990s and the biomedical preprint movement of today.
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4 days ago by bryanalexander
Libre accès immédiat et libre accès différé : impact sur la consultation des articles | Salons
Les revues en libre accès immédiat sont 2 fois plus consultées que les autres au cours des trois premières années de leur diffusion.
Au bout de 5 ans, les revues en libre accès différé n’ont toujours pas rattrapé leur retard, alors même que la barrière mobile tombe après 2 ans.
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5 days ago by marlened
Charleston Briefings |
Nouvelle collection d'ebooks en OA sur les thématiques biblio/IST
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5 days ago by marlened

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