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ralcr/Jirassic: Time tracking done right. Time tracking for employees.
Jirassic is a Mac app that runs in background and tracks automatically the work you do at your workplace. At the end of the day creates a worklog which you can save to Jira Tempo. Its purpose is to replace primitive tracking methods or relying on memory and do everything automatically.
timemanagement  tracking  Open-Source  mac  application 
4 hours ago by MichaelX
In-Depth Guide to the Best Free Fonts • Beautiful Web Type
Discover the best free fonts from Google and across the web. See beautiful examples, recommended pairings, OpenType features, and more.
design  fonts  open-source  resources 
2 days ago by panoptican
Pleroma is a free, federated social networking server built on open protocols. It is compatible with GNU Social, Mastodon, and many other ActivityPub and OStatus implementations.
open-social-network  open-source 
3 days ago by jalilhweber
This is a tool for generating a webring from RSS feeds, so you can link to other blogs you like on your own blog. It's designed to be fairly simple and integrate with any static site generator.
open-source  blog-software 
3 days ago by jalilhweber
Zeroprestige was an experiment in open source hardware i was involved in while a student at MIT. The principle characters were Eric Wilhelm, Tim Anderson, and myself, Saul Griffith, with frequent genius and CAD help from Axel Killian. MIT shut the server down that had the archive but the best bits can be found here
open-source  hardware  kiteboarding  surfkite 
5 days ago by chrisbuchholz

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