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Future Content Experiences: The First Steps For Object-Based Broadcasting - BBC R&D
The central idea of object-based broadcasting is in the title - it’s all about objects. You can think of an object as any kind of individual media asset: a video clip, an audio clip, a still image, a caption. These are the fundamental objects that programmes are built from. With object-based broadcasting, these objects are broadcast to everyone, along with information describing the ways in which they can be reassembled. Your device can then use that information to reassemble the programme to suit your preferences, device capabilities and viewing environment.
bbc  onlinemedia  video  audio  broadcasting  streaming  assembly  metadata  personalized  interactive  accessible  internet  radio  responsive 
july 2017 by vanevery - Mammouth Café
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🇬🇧 Wanna take the 🐘 for a spin? Registrations are open
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april 2017 by citizenk
Traffic Is Fake, Audience Numbers Are Garbage, And Nobody Knows How Many People See Anything | Techdirt
That's not always easy though, as we face an advertising industry ruled by metrics, where there are often ten spreadsheet-wielding interns between us and someone who might actually care about our creativity. In our experiments with more traditional algorithmic display advertising to monetize the raw traffic numbers we do have, we keep running up against what appears to be a universal truth: the bulk of the global internet ad ecosystem runs on trash.
media  metrics  onlinemedia  print  television  Youtube  Netflix  Amazon  review  critique  TechDirt  2017 
december 2016 by inspiral
European publishers see ad-blocking rates stabilizing - Digiday
Ad blocking emerged over a year ago as a major threat to digital publishing, most acutely in Europe, which has long boasted the highest ad-blocking rates in the world. But now, European publishers are seeing ad blocking rates stabilize and even drop.
adblocker  penetration  onlinemedia  webjournalism  onlineadvertising  stabilise  France  Germany  Sweden  Europe  Digiday  2016 
october 2016 by inspiral
Is Medium a Tech Company or a Media Company? -- Following: How We Live Online
Medium wants to straddle the divide between media and tech — to be both a platform (tech) and a publisher (media). This can place it in an awkward position: Institutionally, is it on the closed-ranks side of the “new class of industrialists” of the tech industry, to whom the question of Airbnb’s liability in the deaths of its guests is already settled? Or is it an editorially independent media company with a mandate to ask uncomfortable questions?
Medium  onlinemedia  webjournalism  tech  conflict  EvWilliams  NYMag  2015 
november 2015 by inspiral
Who owns Advertising? — Medium
What we’re seeing is the content makers being dangerously moved to oneside. Our relationship is now with the article but the content is monetized by the distributor ( Facebook, Apple News , Twitter). We’re no longer browsing the New York Times, we’re dipping in and out of pieces.
Everything is moving to the topmost surface, the ad money, the data, the relationship.
media  onlinemedia  atomisation  disruption  advertising  onlineadvertising  author:TomGoodwin  Medium  2015 
october 2015 by inspiral
Free Digital Marketing Article | eMarketer
Programmatic has come to account or a majority of digital display ad spending in the US this year. In just two years, eMarketer estimates that nearly three in four display ad dollars in the country will be spent programmatically. As that growth continues, programmatic direct will continue to increase more quickly than real-time bidding, growing from 52.0% of all programmatic spending thisy ear to 54.0% by 2017. - See more at:
programmatic  media  onlinemedia  onlineadvertising 
september 2015 by JohnDrake
Medium's Evan Williams To Publishers: Your Website Is Toast - Forbes
Essentially, Williams said the future of publishing is not in individual websites but in large platforms (such as Medium, he hopes, as well as Facebook, maybe Apple, and others to be determined). Ultimately, only they can offer wide distribution to large groups of people, he believes.

More than that, Williams thinks the key will be providing social context for content. Perhaps outside of huge traffic drivers such as Buzzfeed, he contends, most publishers can’t make much money from running their own websites, especially with current ad formats such as banners.
EvanWilliams  interview  webjournalism  onlinemedia  forecast  Medium  Facebook  Forbes  2015 
september 2015 by inspiral
Are we creating a rich Internet and a poor Internet?
The more of our digital economy we leave to formulas instead of fairness, say regulators, the more we risk creating two digital economies—one for the rich, filled with opportunity, and one for the poor, filled with risk and little reward.
wealthy  onlinemedia  bifurcation  subscription  impact  DailyDot  2015 
september 2015 by inspiral

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