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Pointing Poker
A web site devoted to making online planning poker sessions easier for distributed teams.
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5 hours ago by schiko
Not convinced video marketing works? Check these stats…
That means that if you’re serious about marketing products and services you really can’t afford to pass on video. Don’t believe me? Let these statistics do the talking!
video  youtube  web  online 
6 hours ago by leehopkins
Ratio by Florian Schulz
Экспериментальный инструмент дизайна от Florian Schulz. В своей крутейшей сопроводительной статье он рассказывает о его принципах работы ― Ratio основан на токенах и использует их в достаточно передовом виде (например, может подключать их из стороннего инструмента).
UX  tools  design+systems  tokens  online 
11 hours ago by jvetrau
Lee Valley Tools
Lee Valley is a family-owned business that has been serving users of woodworking and gardening tools since 1978.
woodworking  tool  tools  shop  shopping  online  store 
yesterday by danesparza
Brackets Ninja | Create brackets & tournaments and manage them online
Brackets Ninja - Create brackets online to manage your leagues and tournaments
tabletennis  tournament  creator  online  tool  free 
yesterday by ghijklmno

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