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Tock Embedded Operating System
Tock is a safe, multitasking operating system for low-power, low-memory microcontrollers.
embedded  os  rust 
3 days ago by victorfuertes
Project ACRN documentation — Project ACRN™ v 0.1-rc2 documentation
An embedded/IoT hypervisor, but only runs on certain Intel boards? Designed with some preemption in mind for restricted use scenarios, such as automotive where the RTOS should be given priority over the entertainment system.
embedded  IoT  hypervisor  OS  ACRN  software  opensource  automotive  RTOS 
4 days ago by asteroza
Wear OS by Google Smartwatches
Google переименовали свою ОС для умных часов из Android Wear в Wear OS.
UX  smartwatch  OS  platform 
4 days ago by jvetrau
Can CopperheadOS be built and supported on the N5X after November 2018?
It won't be possible to have full security updates after November 2018. It would be possible to continue applying AOSP security patches, without patches for device-specific vulnerabilities. The open-source code (i.e. not firmware, etc.) could still be maintained to some extent but no one has done a good job of that with past Nexus devices and it's somewhat pointless with unfixed critical vulnerabilities in firmware. If you aren't going to move to a CopperheadOS Pixel (XL) / Pixel 2 (XL) / Pixel 3 (XL), I would recommend moving to a decent Android One device with security updates rather than using CopperheadOS past the end-of-life date. That recommendation holds whether or not we receive funding to continue doing AOSP security updates after the end-of-life date. Partial security updates without firmware updates aren't going to keep the devices reasonably secure.
security  android  os  forum-posts  reddit 
6 days ago by mikael
(5) How To Create a Custom Windows OS Like the Pros! - YouTube
How To Create a Custom Windows OS Like the Pros!
How  To  Create  a  Custom  Windows  OS  Like  the  Pros! 
8 days ago by kilroy2

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