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Writing a Bootloader Part 1 | Alex Parker's Website
This post describes how to write a simple Hello world bootloader
assembly  linux  programming  tutorial  c  bootloader  os 
yesterday by geetarista
Kernel 101 – Let’s write a Kernel - Arjun Sreedharan
Kernel 101 – Let's write a Kernel Hello World, Let us write a simple kernel which could be loaded with the GRUB bootloader on an x86 system. This kernel will display a message on the screen and then...
linux  kernel  os  assembly  c  programming  unix  tutorial 
yesterday by geetarista
Endless Computers
Linux-based Endless OS is configured with applications which don't require lots of (or, in some cases, any) Internet access. The Endless company can gather metrics for you as well, although how they do that without Internet, I'm not sure. Has built-in Wikipedia articles, Libre Office, video playback. It is freely downloadable, but also runs on their small Mission computers.
hardware  learning  linux  OS  ICT4D  free 
5 days ago by chrismyth
Tails - Privacy for anyone anywhere
Tails is a live operating system that you can start on almost any computer from a USB stick or a DVD.
linux  privacy  security  iso  download  os 
5 days ago by cudgel
The Definitive Platform for Modern Apps | DC/OS
DC/OS (the datacenter operating system) is an open-source, distributed operating system based on the Apache Mesos distributed systems kernel.
opensource  linux  os  iso  download  ha 
5 days ago by cudgel
Whonix is a desktop operating system designed for advanced security and privacy.
linux  os  privacy  security  iso  download 
5 days ago by cudgel
Qubes OS: A reasonably secure operating system
Qubes OS is a security-oriented operating system (OS).
linux  os  privacy  security  iso  download 
5 days ago by cudgel
Subgraph OS
Subgraph OS is a desktop computing and communications platform that is designed to be resistant to network-borne exploit and malware attacks.
linux  privacy  security  os  iso  download 
5 days ago by cudgel

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