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The Notwist au Divan du Monde | ARTE Concert
À force de patience, The Notwist brise enfin le silence longuement établi entre 2009 et 2014. Officiant discrètement depuis les années 90, The Notwist s’est installé avec brio dans l’antre de la scène rock. Après des débuts metalleux, la formation ne s’est pas cantonnée longtemps aux guitares vociférantes. Une fois Martin Gretschmann à bord, la pop et l'électronique gouvernent The Notwist. Neon Golden vient alors au monde en 2001, et offre aux allemands toute la dévotion qu’ils méritaient
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february 2014 by kaibernau
The Notwist - On Off The Record on Vimeo
It is fortunate then that late last year "On | Off The Record," a documentary film chronicling the protracted creation of Neon Golden, was released on DVD. Even so, it is a documentary film in the same sense many of us probably first became aware of such things: as a narrow, almost academic, look at a somewhat esoteric thing -- in this case the writing and recording of an experimental electropop record. As such it is not a film you can casually recommend to your mother. But for an avid music fan, and particularly for fans of late period Notwist, the film is a bit of a Rosetta Stone.

"On | Off The Record" engages in varied levels of scrutiny that mirror the deceptively complex song constructions on Neon Golden. It was culled from 120 hours of footage shot over 70 days during the 15 months that The Notwist gestated the set. The filmmakers are not afraid to focus on minutia, including the recording of extremely complex cello parts, contract deliberations and even some footage of the CDs being pressed. And somehow when taken together the different vignettes -- of reserved, small-town musicians doing phone interviews from behind a bar in a darkened pub, of two brothers intently listening to demos on a personal computer in a home-office, of pranksters shooting one another in the face with water pistols during a photo shoot -- transform like a Chuck Close portrait from discrete mosaic into a smooth picture of intelligent songwriters and arrangers pushing and embracing the boundaries of popular music.
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february 2013 by kaibernau
The Notwist: Neon Golden | Album Reviews | Pitchfork
"[..]it's like a relationship has begun to spring forth out of the ether. I guess you could say Neon Golden and me have become well acquainted and it's already akin to hanging with an old friend."
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january 2012 by s218611

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