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A Beginner’s Guide to Notion
In this article, I want to share my best tips and templates for getting started with Notion. Together, we will cover the basic elements of Notion and four common use cases for getting the most out of it. Ready? Let’s go!
notion  productivity 
7 days ago by ghast
The writer’s ultimate guide to Notion - Owen Williams - Medium
Switching to Notion changed everything for me.
I realize the irony that comes from writing something about how another tool in my workflow has helped organize my life, but it’s impacted the entire way I write, do business, plan my day and so much more.
Here’s how I’m using Notion, and a look at why it’s been transformative for how I write — and think — on a daily basis. I hope it helps you get started, and provides a way to jump off for your own sweet setup.
notion  blogging  Writing 
8 days ago by 1luke2
Notion 使用详解:来自未来的笔记协作工具 - 少数派
Notion 就像是一本精致的手账,它不像论文那么严肃,也不像日记一样随性。这是一款前所未见的笔记协作工具,概念之领先,近乎一款来自未来的工具。
notion  协作  笔记  tool 
20 days ago by dlutcat
Notion × Power+ Interview
A new tool that blends your everyday work apps into one. It's the all-in-one workspace for you and your team
21 days ago by xiaobuyao

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