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GitHub - jwilder/nginx-proxy: Automated nginx proxy for Docker containers using docker-gen
nginx-proxy sets up a container running nginx and docker-gen. docker-gen generates reverse proxy configs for nginx and reloads nginx when containers are started and stopped.
docker  nginx  proxy 
9 hours ago by stephan.poetschner
How to Speed up WordPress on Plesk Hosting
rewrite !.(js|ico|gif|jpg|png|css|pdf|mov|mp3|eot|svg|ttf|woff|otf|txt|swf)$ /index.php break;
rewrite /$ /index.php break;
wordpress  tips  support  speed  optimise  nginx 
19 hours ago by iaeon
Automated nginx proxy for Docker containers using docker-gen
nginx  proxy  docker 
22 hours ago by Uninen
Trust No One: Trusting User Input Opens the Cloud Metadata Attack
Host ヘッダーの値をもとに Proxy 先を決定すると Metadata とか読めちゃうよ、ということか。なるほど。
nginx  proxy  security 
yesterday by summerwind
GDPR for side-projects? Blocking all EU traffic with nginx in 3 simple steps
# Disable logging for EU users
access_log /var/log/nginx/access.log combined if=$allow_visit;
gdpr  nginx  data  privacy 
yesterday by twwoodward

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