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Nginx: a caching, thumbnailing, reverse proxying image server?
I thought it would be neat to combine Nginx's reverse proxying, caching, and image filtering to create a thumbnailing server for my images hosted on S3. If you look closely at the <img> tag below (and throughout this site), you can see Nginx in action.
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2 days ago by gglnx
Envoy Proxy
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2 days ago by stympy
Dodging S3 Downtime With Nginx and HAProxy
Dodging S3 Downtime With Nginx and HAProxy - Added March 02, 2017 at 10:19AM
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3 days ago by xenocid
Understanding NGINX location rules | fisharebest
Understanding NGINX location rules
Posted on 19 May 2012 by fisharebest
NGINX is great. Fast, efficient, etc. But the “location” rules are a bit cryptic and not very well explained in the manuals.

There are 4 types of location rule, and are applied with the following priorities:

1: Exact matches

There can be only one exact match – the clue is in the name!

location = /foo/bar {
# exact match

2: High priority prefix

There can be more than one match, the longest one takes priority

location ^~ /foo {
# request beginning with /foo

3: Regex

There can be more than one match, the first one found takes priority. There are two variants

location ~ .foo$ {
# case-sensitive regex
location ~* .foo$ {
# case-insensitive regex

4: Low priority prefix

There can be more than one match, the longest one takes priority

location /foo {
# request beginning with /foo

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4 days ago by ndf

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