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Nginx Caching | Servers for Hackers
Like Varnish, Nginx is a very capable web cache. Many administrators reach for Varnish, often before it's really needed. However, there are two things to know about Nginx:

Nginx can serve static content (directly) very, very efficiently. This is good when the static files are on the same server as Nginx.
Nginx can also act as a "true" cache server when placed in front of application servers, just like you might with Varnish.
While Varnish is a pure web cache with more advanced cache-specific features than Nginx, Nginx may still be a perfect match for you.

If your traffic warrants adding a layer of infrastructure for caching, but not the overhead of introducing new technologies that need to be learned and maintained, Nginx might be a better fit.
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2 days ago by rybesh
aptitude install fcgiwrap
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2 days ago by stewymac07
Nginx Tutorial #2: Performance | Netguru Blog on DevOps
This tutorial describes how to start your adventure with Nginx. This part is telling more about performance and showing some advanced configuration options.
nginx  performance 
2 days ago by bmichelsen
ModSecurity Version 3.0 Announcement
ModSecurity は Apache httpd への依存をなくして、単独で使えるようになったそう。
apache  nginx  security 
3 days ago by summerwind

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