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Project Facet – Let's Collaborate
Facet is an open source project to help newsrooms manage the multifaceted challenge of planning and executing collaborative projects across different platforms with partners of various sizes and resources.
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19 days ago by paulbradshaw
How to tackle the challenges of implementing mobile journalism in the newsroom | Media news
It is essential you establish, practise and perfect the right workflow for you if you're going to be effectively using mobile journalism out in the field and in the newsroom. Don't wait until you're in a breaking news situation, or you have a short deadline looming, to figure out how you're going to shoot, edit, upload and publish your material.

Will you be doing everything on your phone, or will you be editing on desktop software? Will your content be compatible for where you’ll be publishing it? Which are your go-to apps for adding subtitles, and will all your footage get saved in a storage app like Dropbox or will you be directly sending it straight to the newsroom?
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19 days ago by paulbradshaw
A Follower-Centric Approach to Leadership in the Newsroom: The case of El País: Journalism Practice: Vol 12, No 4
This article analyses leadership in the newsroom of the Spanish newspaper El País as well as its impact on the craft of journalism more generally. Through 23 in-depth interviews, we try to elucidate how the newsroom constructs its leaders (in the newsroom, what does it mean to be a leader?), paying particular attention to the main skills considered to be necessary. According to our newsroom findings, not all heads of section or editors-in-chief are leaders, a fact that questions formal authority relations and proclaims expertise and know-how as discriminatory skills. This study emphasizes that the collective recognition of a leader is not an ultimate disposition, but can vary over time: consequently leaders who do not achieve the professional requirements of the newsroom can be denied the status, despite their expertise and experience. Our findings indicate that leaders at El País are those journalists (no matter what their positions) with strong capacities and skills (fundamentally experience, expertise and creativity) to manage form (relationships) and substance (contents) in the daily work of the newsroom. In short, journalists seen as leaders combine reiterated and strong qualities and merit, graphically reflected in the texts they have published for years in the newspaper.
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10 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Convergence Culture in European Newsrooms: Comparing editorial strategies for cross-media news production in six countries: Journalism Studies: Vol 19, No 6
For two decades, convergence culture has been an important motivator for change in journalism worldwide. Journalism research has followed these developments, investigating the dimensions of change that define convergence as a cultural shift in the newsroom. Research in the European context has mostly been comprised of national case studies of flagship media outlets whereas comparative, let alone quantitative, studies are scarce. In response to these shortcomings, we present a comparative survey among newspaper journalists in managerial positions on convergence strategies in newsrooms from Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, and Portugal. Results show that there is still a dominant print culture present in newsrooms across Europe; however, a shift toward convergence journalism is evident in the strategic implementation of editorial routines and practices as well as in the encouragement of journalists to join convergence developments. Furthermore, newsrooms in Mediterranean countries are more advanced than those in North/Central Europe when it comes to embracing convergence culture because of a stronger audio-visual than print news tradition and a higher motivation among journalists. Our study reveals that after two decades of European convergence journalism, cultural change moves slowly but steadily toward a news production that makes use of the possibilities emerging from convergence.
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10 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
10 Newspapers That Do It Right 2018: Recognizing Success in Pioneering Newsrooms, Advertising Growth and Community Engagement – Editor & Publisher
“#ThisIsTucson is off-platform in that the website is not our main focus,” said editor Jill Jorden Spitz. “We know millennials bump into news on social platforms, smartphone apps and email—for example, they see something interesting on Facebook and click on it, or a breaking news alert pops up on the home screen of their mobile phone and they swipe to read it.”
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march 2018 by paulbradshaw
‘Our newsroom in the cloud’: Slack, virtual newsrooms and journalistic practiceNew Media & Society - Mel Bunce, Kate Wright, Martin Scott, 2017
Virtual newsrooms have enormous potential: enabling journalists around the world to pool their knowledge, skills and perspectives within joint projects, such as the Panama Papers. These virtual newsrooms are supported by Online Collaborative Software (OCS), the most popular of which is Slack. But although many of the world’s top news organisations now use Slack, there is no empirical research examining its impact on workplace processes or culture. This article presents the results of a year-long ethnographic study of a global digital news outlet, whose remote journalists collaborate, almost exclusively, via Slack. We found that the platform deepened relationships and enabled new creative practices across geographic regions. However, it also contributed to the erasure of the line between private and professional spheres for workers, and introduced new opportunities for management to shape newsroom culture. We argue that the concept of ‘space’ as developed by Harvey can helpfully frame the analysis of these new, important digital platforms.
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january 2018 by macloo

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