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How recasting the "online producer" job helped the Miami Herald focus on audience and mission - Better News
reviewing the readership of our stories, we realized we were writing many from muscle memory — go to a meeting, write a story — with little thought to how it served an audience, what that audience was or could be, or whether there was an audience at all. Many stories were barely being read. We wanted our reporters to write fewer stories, with each having greater impact.
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18 days ago by paulbradshaw
Mood boards and social media lockdown: How one newsroom is dealing with notification overload | Media news
“I have switched off alerts on my phone for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and work emails. And what that’s done is helped me prioritise a lot more - and I felt a lot more in control of my working day and have been able to map it out.

“I know that doesn't work for everyone as far as day-to-day breaking news because the team that I work on, we've got our remit of reporting stories and topics of interest.”

Turning off alerts during your working day makes practical sense – but it is a hard ask for journalists (like myself) who desperately do not want to miss out. Entwistle is a fan of Jeff Sutherland’s ‘Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time’ where a logical rather than a FOMO-driven emotional approach is taken.
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5 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
How to track your goals effectively with a small newsroom | Poynter
Consultant Tim Griggs, formerly of the Texas Tribune and The New York Times, emphasized the importance of a goals scorecard. He stressed making sure that scorecard is constantly updated and that everyone at the organization is on board and has access to it.
“Use whatever method works for you,” Griggs said. It could be as simple as a Google sheet that everyone in the organization shares. Ideally, scorecards are automated.
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12 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Journalism as Multichannel Communication: A newsroom survey on the multiple uses of social media: Journalism Studies: Vol 0, No 0
The use of social media reinforces the change in journalism from a single-channel activity to multichannel communications. News organizations and journalists must learn to simultaneously operate several social media channels. Furthermore, social media is multi-functional and applicable in all phases of news production and distribution. Taken together, journalism is reaching a higher level of complexity. This study’s main objective is to systematize the multiple uses of social media in journalism and explore related newsroom strategies. To this end, we surveyed editors-in-chief of German internet newsrooms (n = 105, response rate: 70 per cent) about social media use in their newsrooms. We systematically distinguished five general dimensions, with 24 specific uses of social media in journalism. The results show that Facebook and Twitter serve multiple journalistic purposes. In contrast, blogs and YouTube are more specialized tools. We conducted a cluster analysis to explore if and how these patterns vary by different strategic approaches in organizing social media use in newsrooms. While the overall pattern remains stable, more experienced and strategy-oriented newsrooms use Twitter notably more often for various tasks.
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september 2018 by paulbradshaw
Newsroom Integration As An Organizational Challenge: Approaches of European public service media from a comparative perspective: Journalism Studies: Vol 0, No 0
In this paper, we examine to what extent public service media (PSM) in six European countries have integrated or are integrating their newsrooms in order to adapt to an increasingly digital media environment. Based on 67 interviews over two years with senior editors and managers, this study constitutes the largest comparative analysis of newsroom change among PSM organizations conducted to date. Despite much talk of “convergence”, our empirical analysis shows that full newsroom integration remains the exception in this sector. Although all of the PSM studied experience pressure to reorganize across platforms, only two have achieved high levels of newsroom integration. Our findings suggest that centralizing online news under a single operational roof — only recently undertaken and still incomplete at several PSM — is a necessary first step to more thorough editorial reorganization across platforms. Our data also shed light on the complex ways that internal and external variables combine to shape organizational change: in addition to organizational challenges, we highlight broader historical, political, and economic factors affecting how PSM have responded to rapid technological shifts in the media environment.
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september 2018 by paulbradshaw
How La Nación's Data Team Produces Award-Winning Stories - Global Investigative Journalism Network
La Nación’s data journalism team has 10 employees, each with different roles, including data scraping professionals, a specialist in laws related to information access, and a data analyst. They work with an infographics team that is responsible for data visualization and interactivity.

It’s also important for the team to keep up with the latest innovations and technological advances, requiring them to continually research and study industry changes.

Although the work can be frustrating, Ávila points out that it’s important not to make excuses. “If you can’t do it using a tool or do not have its license,” she said, “do it manually.”
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september 2018 by paulbradshaw
A noteworthy because it is standing up for a colleague and against - THE VERGE

This type of…
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august 2018 by jhill5
Building a Text Editor for a Digital-First Newsroom
Рассказ о том как в NY Times делал свой новый текстовый редактор
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july 2018 by gevorg
The Disruption of Social Media: How the traditional collaborative model between reporters and editors evolves in American newsrooms: Digital Journalism: Vol 6, No 6
Reporters and editors perform different journalistic duties in traditional newsrooms. With the popularity of social media, journalism is transitioning into a highly varied and diverse range of practices. Utilizing a cross-sectional, self-administered questionnaire, the online survey (N = 1063) study seeks to understand how social media is disrupting the traditional collaborative model between reporters and editors in American newsrooms. The study found that newsrooms’ integration of social media and entrepreneurialism is blurring the line between reporters and editors. With journalists taking more entrepreneurial roles, the traditional collaborative model between reporters and editors is being taken place by a hybrid model – both reporters and editors take on promotional duties in addition to traditional journalistic roles.
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july 2018 by paulbradshaw

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