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‘Our newsroom in the cloud’: Slack, virtual newsrooms and journalistic practiceNew Media & Society - Mel Bunce, Kate Wright, Martin Scott, 2017
Virtual newsrooms have enormous potential: enabling journalists around the world to pool their knowledge, skills and perspectives within joint projects, such as the Panama Papers. These virtual newsrooms are supported by Online Collaborative Software (OCS), the most popular of which is Slack. But although many of the world’s top news organisations now use Slack, there is no empirical research examining its impact on workplace processes or culture. This article presents the results of a year-long ethnographic study of a global digital news outlet, whose remote journalists collaborate, almost exclusively, via Slack. We found that the platform deepened relationships and enabled new creative practices across geographic regions. However, it also contributed to the erasure of the line between private and professional spheres for workers, and introduced new opportunities for management to shape newsroom culture. We argue that the concept of ‘space’ as developed by Harvey can helpfully frame the analysis of these new, important digital platforms.
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5 weeks ago by macloo
Pushed beyond breaking: US newsrooms use mobile alerts to define their brand
Findings from CJR research into newsroom’s use of push notifications.
push  newsroom  research 
11 weeks ago by iankennedy
How Students Use ‘Service Learning’ to Cover Diverse Communities
During fall 2016, my class once again teamed with the news service. The 15 students each produced a text story and video about a 20-something difference-maker, resulting in “Millennials Make Their Mark on Milwaukee.” The following term, 17 students produced “Leadership in the Public Interest,” a collection of Q&As and videos about local nonprofit leaders.
servicejournalism  pedagogy  diversity  newsroom 
november 2017 by paulbradshaw
A Matter of Space: Designing newsrooms for new digital practice
Here's how newsrooms are ​redesigning​ ​to​ better support the behaviors attitudes required in a modern media company..
newsroom  report 
october 2017 by MattieTK

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