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14 High Converting Places to Add Email Signup Forms to Build Your List
Do you want to get more email signups from your website? Here are 14 high converting places to put email signup forms on your site.
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9 days ago by jennettefulda
Substack makes it simple for a writer to start an email newsletter that makes money from subscriptions. You don’t need tech skills to get started. Just sign up, connect your bank account, and get to work.
9 days ago by bonkey
React Newsletter - Issue 106
via Pocket - Issue 106 February 15th 2018 This article takes a closer look at some of the patterns that are emerging in the React ecosystem. These patterns improve readability, code clarity, and push your code towards composition and reusability. An account of one man's journey into the ReasonML space.
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10 days ago by mannieschumpert
Volleyy - Emails your readers love
Newsletters that get you return customers
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10 days ago by rmateu
European Commission announces New Deal for Consumers
The European Commission is getting ready to play hardball with US tech companies, or at least that's what they're suggesting: By announcing a New Deal for Consumers (or at least, announcing the need for one) they hint at a new initiative to get US tech companies to play by European rules where European users are concerned.

As the Irish Times phrase it (, the European consumer rights groups are leaning in, too: "The European Consumer Organisation said the failure of Facebook and Twitter to fully comply with the requests, highlighted the need for the Commission to take action in its upcoming legislative package dedicated to updating consumer law. The organisation said the commission should ensure that all companies that do not respect EU law face “serious and deterrent sanctions,” including strong fines."

Google seems to be forthcoming, Facebook and Twitter aren't. (I'm a little biased; I like Google and Twitter better than Facebook, and I've worked with Google in the past. Why Twitter is mentioned at eye level among the two giants I can't understand though: They're so much smaller and less influential, no?)
newsletter  tech  governance  politics  privacy 
10 days ago by thewavingcat
Explore the future, craft the details — my summary from Interaction 18.
Sami Niemelä (@samin) shares his impressions from Interaction18 Lyon. As my fellow co-chair from Interaction16 in Helsinki and a leader in the field, he knows this stuff and can put it in context much better than I ever could. (And I have to say, this is an impressive, lovely, committed community if ever I've seen one.) Alas I had to miss the event.

Core themes are around responsibility, designing for resilience, and designing systems that work for all (rather than products that work for a few). It's very zeitgeisty in that sense.

Also, buddy Simone Rebaudengo and his collective brought an installation that looked just lovely: Objective Realities, which lets you experience the world from the perspective of connected objects. *Come on, let's be a roomba!*
newsletter  UX  ixda  conference 
10 days ago by thewavingcat
DeepMind’s latest AI transfers its learning to new tasks - MIT Technology Review
AI transfer learning: "DeepMind built a new AI system called IMPALA that simultaneously performs multiple tasks—in this case, playing 57 Atari games—and attempts to share learning between them. It showed signs of transferring what was learned from one game to another. (...) IMPALA was 10 times more data-efficient than a similar AI and achieved double the final score. That’s a promising hint that transfer learning is plausible. Plus, a system like this that learns using less processing power could help speed up training of  different types of AI."
AI  research  newsletter  deepmind 
10 days ago by thewavingcat
Google gave the world powerful open source AI tools, and the world made porn with them — Quartz
In 2015, Google announced it would release its internal tool for developing artificial intelligence algorithms, TensorFlow, a move that would change the tone of how AI research and development would be conducted around the world. via Pocket
ai  newsletter 
12 days ago by thewavingcat
Unilever to Facebook and Google: Clean up digital 'swamp' or we'll pull ads - Feb. 12, 2018
"2018 is either the year of techlash, where the world turns on the tech giants -- and we have seen some of this already -- or the year of trust," [Unilever marketing boss] Weed will say. "The year where we collectively rebuild trust back in our systems and our society."
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12 days ago by thewavingcat

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