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August 2017 Newsletter, Volume 116
In the OTW August newsletter: Election success, legal advocacy & the DMCA, updates to AO3, and more!
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12 days ago by otw_news
Kill the Newsletter!
Convert email newsletters into Atom feeds.
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12 days ago by jpin
Tokens at the Gate. What Happens After the ICOs? – Hacker Noon
Let’s put aside the hype, the overnight millionaires, and dazzling numbers for a second. There’s a few very important (and troubling things) happening here.
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13 days ago by andrewsavikas
RealtyShares Partners With Lima One Capital
Going forward, Lima One will become our preferred lender for residential debt. Our partnership will allow us to continue to provide borrowers with a reliable capital source for their projects.
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13 days ago by andrewsavikas
This Is What It's Like To Lose Your Job Because Of A Hurricane | HuffPost
More than half a million people lost their jobs after hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and there was an increase in applicants for both regular unemployment insurance and DUA benefits, according to a 2007 Government Accountability Office report.
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13 days ago by brycecovert
React Newsletter - Issue 84
via Pocket - Issue 84 September 7th 2017 The first React 16 RC is now available for public testing. ? Still confused about what exactly React Fiber is and how it changes React? This article will definitely help.
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13 days ago by mannieschumpert

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