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Software Clown: 20 years of software mistakes, and how you can avoid them
But some days I feel more like an involuntary software clown, spending my days slipping on banana peels, being hit in the face with whipped cream pies, and riding little teensy bikes around and around in circles.
programming  career  newsletter 
12 hours ago by jefframnani
Issue #66 · Swift Weekly Brief
Saving you thousands of clicks And finding the highlights and picks   From the large convolution   called Swift Evolution It’s Swift Weekly Brief, sixty-six The Swift community and core team are pressing on with proposals, pull requests, pitches, and of course posts to the mailing lists about everyone’s favorite topic: access control! 😳
newsletter  Swiftlang 
22 hours ago by twleung
Issue #65 · Swift Weekly Brief
More proposals are making it through the review process this week as “phase 2” discussions of the Swift 4 development cycle come to a close, most notably SE-0168 and SE-0169. Proposal SE-0168 would add support for (highly desired!) multi-line String literals. No longer would we be forced to resort to string concatenation like animals. Proposal SE-0169 is a follow-up to the rejection of SE-0159 and seems to be our last hope for modifying access control in Swift, or repairing it depending on your perspective. There is a light at the end of the access control tunnel! Or maybe those are the headlights of an oncoming train, not sure. 😆
newsletter  Swiftlang 
yesterday by twleung
YouTube: Who is Andrew Applepie??
If you're a watcher of Casey Neistat's YouTube videos, and a big fan of the style of music he uses, then here's someone you'll love to listen to. Casey regularly uses Andrew's music, and this is a short video by himself explaining who he is!
Video  Music  Newsletter 
yesterday by chrishannah
YouTube: Introducing New Nintendo 2DS XL
The 2DS XL is here, and it looks awesome! Some new controls as well, which is good I guess.
Nintendo  Gaming  Tech  Newsletter 
2 days ago by chrishannah
IKEA respond brilliantly to that $2,150 handbag that is basically just their carrier bag |
Balenciaga just released a bag that looks near-identical to the iconic IKEA blue bag, except it has a price of $2,145. Here is how they responded.
Fashion  Humour  Newsletter  IKEA 
2 days ago by chrishannah
iOS Design Kit - Free iOS GUI for iPhone & iPad
An incredibly huge design kit for the iOS interface, with support for Sketch, Figma, and Adobe (Photoshot, Illustrator, and XD). Containing 62 screens, and is 100% vector based.
Design  iOS  Apple  Newsletter 
2 days ago by chrishannah
Issue #64 · Swift Weekly Brief
The great access control battle debate is finally over! Just kidding. Of course, the holy war discussion is ongoing. While SE-0159 was rejected with much dismay, there are final talks on how to remedy the access control situation in Swift before its too late. Friction-driven development wins again! 😉 In other news, a number of new proposals are under review as we marinate in the Swift 4 phase 2 development cycle.
newsletter  Swiftlang 
2 days ago by twleung
Cyclists Pedal Faster On Wednesdays, Reveals Smart Bike Data
In 2005, the French city of Lyon introduced a shared bicycle system called Velo’v that has since inspired numerous other schemes around the world. Velo’v differed from earlier schemes in its innovative technology, such as electronic locks, onboard computers and access via smart cards. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  fahrradio  newsletter 
2 days ago by hansdorsch
Mad Mimi Email Marketing: Create, Send, And Track HTML Email Newsletters
Mad Mimi is the easiest way to create, send, share and track email newsletters online. Mad Mimi is for people who want email marketing to be simple. Every day, over 40 million emails are sent, shared and tracked using our delightful and powerful service.
email  tools  marketing  newsletter  api 
2 days ago by kOoLiNuS
This Week in Swift - try! Swift 🗽 & 🇮🇳!
Swift 3.1, Avoiding Primitives, API Changes, Unsafe Swift, XCTest on Linux & more!
newsletter  Swiftlang 
3 days ago by twleung

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