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A.I. researcher Janelle Shane responds to Annalee Newitz’s short story “When Robot and Crow Saved East St. Louis.”
An A.I. programmer responds to Annalee Newitz’s “When Robot and Crow Saved East St. Louis.” In 2018 the A.I. robot CIMON was sent to the International Space Station—and that’s when the awkwardness began. via Pocket
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To make companies moral, make the employees the owners
In the minds of many entrepreneurs, taking a company public, with shares trading on a public stock exchange, represents the pinnacle of success–a dream come true. For EA Engineering founder Loren Jensen, that dream proved a nightmare. via Pocket
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React Newsletter - Issue 145
via Pocket - Issue 145 January 11th 2019 What happened with React Native in 2018 as well as their plans for the future. Ever wonder where Linked Lists are being used in the wild? Turns out our very own React Hooks uses them under the hood. This article breaks it down.
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A mutual friend: How to make newsletters work for you and your readers
(my thoughts on strategy…
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What Hong Kong can learn from an old Berlin airport on bottom-up city planning | South China Morning Post
Tempelhof Field in south-central Berlin is the first stop Jonas Schorr shows to visitors, as an example of how bottom-up city planning ties into the development of a smart city. via Pocket
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Spam-Ordner statt Postfach? Deswegen kommt dein Newsletter an
Spam-Filter sind eigentlich eine tolle Technik. Wenn deine Newsletter in selbigen landen, ist die Enttäuschung allerdings groß – wenn es dir überhaupt auffällt. Doch warum werden deine E-Mails als Spam eingestuft? Und: Wie ersparst du ihnen den Gang in die Tonne? Wir erklären es dir.
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