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an industry standard for WP plugin compatibility with GDPR
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2 days ago by thewavingcat
React Newsletter - Issue 97
via Pocket - Issue 97 December 14th 2017 If you're in (or can get to) New York from January 11th - 12th, the pros at React Native Training are giving a two day workshop all on React Native.
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2 days ago by mannieschumpert
The Mirai Botnet Was Part of a College Student Minecraft Scheme | WIRED
An interesting plot twist at the end of the Mirai saga: Turns out the global IoT-enabled botnet that crashed lots of popular websites in late 2016 wasn't malicious organized crime hackers (per se) but a bunch of kids with a criminal bend and *let's say extremely questionable* grasp of unintended consequences. Still DDoS for hire, but for winning in online games. WIRED has the full story: "As the 2016 US presidential election drew near, fears began to mount that the so-called Mirai botnet might be the work of a nation-state practicing for an attack that would cripple the country as voters went to the polls. The truth, as made clear in that Alaskan courtroom Friday—and unsealed by the Justice Department on Wednesday—was even stranger: The brains behind Mirai were a 21-year-old Rutgers college student from suburban New Jersey and his two college-age friends from outside Pittsburgh and New Orleans. All three—Paras Jha, Josiah White, and Dalton Norman, respectively—admitted their role in creating and launching Mirai into the world.

Originally, prosecutors say, the defendants hadn’t intended to bring down the internet—they had been trying to gain an advantage in the computer game Minecraft."
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3 days ago by thewavingcat
WDRL – Web Development Reading List | The Weekly
A handcrafted, carefully selected list of web development related resources.
Published usually every week.
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3 days ago by anglee
Nvidia looks to reduce AI training material through 'imagination' | ZDNet
Nvidia researchers have used a pair of generative adversarial networks (GANs) along with some unsupervised learning to create an image-to-image translation network that could allow for artificial intelligence (AI) training times to be reduced. via Pocket
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4 days ago by thewavingcat
Google Has Released an AI Tool That Makes Sense of Your Genome - MIT Technology Review
Almost 15 years after scientists first sequenced the human genome, making sense of the enormous amount of data that encodes human life remains a formidable challenge. But it is also precisely the sort of problem that machine learning excels at. via Pocket
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4 days ago by thewavingcat
Botletter - Send Newsletters on Facebook Messenger
Send newsletters on Facebook Messenger
Hassle-free direct connection with your audience on Messenger. Send your clients newsletters and updates to grow your business.
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5 days ago by michimaurer
November 2017 Newsletter, Volume 119
Check out the OTW's November newsletter for updates on #AO3's spam issue, our legal advocacy work, a new way to support the OTW via Humble Bundles, and more! Read it here.
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7 days ago by otw_news

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