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Issue #72 · Swift Weekly Brief
We are only a few days away from WWDC 2017! This week the Swift repository saw its 10,000th pull request. Things have been more quiet than usual, but we did get a great update to the WWDC iOS app. 😅 I did not get a ticket, but I will be hanging out in San Jose for most of the week — if you are attending it would be great to meet in person! Aside from WWDC, there are a number of other events happening. For the Swift community, check out Realm’s WWDC Swift Panel and the SwiftCoders meet & greet at AltConf. See you next week!
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2 days ago by twleung
Snapchat Can Now Share Your Location
Snapchat just received it's location sharing/viewing feature, which can potentially become an issue when it comes to young people. I wrote a short piece on how to fine tune the preferences.
iOS  Snapchat  App  Privacy  Guide  Newsletter 
3 days ago by chrishannah
YouTube: Taking Screenshots in iOS 11: A look at 10+ handy tips
A great video from 9to5 Mac, showing off the great new screenshot features coming in iOS 11.

My favourites are the keyboard shortcuts, which are the same as the Mac!
iOS  Newsletter 
3 days ago by chrishannah
This was a bit strange, some company called OnePlus released an iPhone 7.
Tech  Newsletter 
4 days ago by chrishannah
YouTube: Visualization of Quantum Physics (Quantum Mechanics)
I watch a lot of videos on YouTube about science, and Quantum Physics is super interesting (but god damn mind breaking)

This is supposed to be a quick video to show a visualisation of particles, their quantum states, and calculating their position and velocity.

I can 100% admit, this one went straight over my head.
Science  Newsletter 
4 days ago by chrishannah
YouTube: Interview: Scott Forstall and Original iPhone Innovators @ Computer History Museum
Scott Forstall, along with other people that were on the original iPhone team discuss the original product, and how it all got started.
iPhone  Video  Tech  Apple  Newsletter 
4 days ago by chrishannah

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