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Costly Cloud Breaches Putting Digital Transformation Strategies at Risk, Finds Kaspersky Lab | Kaspersky Lab
"But this rise of ‘data on the go’ is presenting new security issues, with the most expensive incidents related to cloud environments and data protection. Two out of three of the most expensive cybersecurity incidents affecting SMBs are related to the cloud, where 3rd party hosted IT infrastructure failures bring an average $179K loss." -- For me, this definition of cloud is a little peculiar. Hosting your data with a third party has been the norm for decades, but when it was a systems integrator, we didn't consider it as big a risk. This just underlines to me that supplier selection is incredibly important for security people.
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2 hours ago by bruntonspall
Ghostery GDPR Email - Imgur
Ghostery, the privacy preserving plugin for browsers, has accidentally sent batch emails to registered users using the to field, revealing other customers personal details. /via
newsletter  Cybersecurity  Gdpr  breach 
3 hours ago by bruntonspall
Who we are | seeds of good anthropocenes
"Seeds are existing initiatives that are not widespread or well-known. They can be social initiatives, new technologies, economic tools, or social-ecological projects, or organisations, movements or new ways of acting that have that appear to be making a substantial contribution towards creating a future that is just, prosperous, and sustainable."
newsletter  utopia  science  research 
yesterday by thewavingcat
React Newsletter - Issue 119
via Pocket - Issue 119 May 24th 2018 The latest minor release of React adds support for an oft-requested feature: pointer events! It also includes a bugfix for getDerivedStateFromProps. Check out the full changelog in this post.
IFTTT  Pocket  newsletters  react  newsletter 
yesterday by mannieschumpert
Dev Tips - Developer Tips by Umar Hansa
Sign up to receive a developer tip, in the form of a gif, in your inbox each week.
tip  development  newsletter  JavaScript 
2 days ago by javajunky
Cisco's Talos Intelligence Group Blog: VPNFilter
Looks like “an actor” is attacking a variety of routers, compromising them and maintaining that compromise to use later. Which is an interesting behaviour to notice, mostly because it’s a threat that hasn’t properly manifested yet, but implies a bad payoff coming.
newsletter  cyber  threat  stateactor 
2 days ago by bruntonspall
Email Delivery Service | SendGrid
Delivering your transactional and marketing emails through the world's largest cloud-based email delivery platform. Send with confidence.
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3 days ago by reorx
How I used a simple Google query to mine passwords from dozens of public Trello boards
"Note: I used a Google dork query, sometimes referred to as a dork. It is a search string that uses advanced search operators to find information that is not readily available on a website" - while the linked article about Trello is interesting in it's own right, knowing more about Google advanced queries (I dislike the term Dork) for things such as site search is valuable for using google for security analysis
security  google  newsletter 
3 days ago by bruntonspall
NSA OSS Technologies
The NSA has a lot of interesting open source projects, including CASA for finding unexpected CA's on your windows desktop and Unfetter, an analysis tool with MITRE to review your organisations security posture and maturity
security  newsletter  opensource 
3 days ago by bruntonspall
Risk Acceptance 101: What Happens When Security Needs Go Unfunded?
“The only way to address these challenges is to make sure security needs are funded when and where possible, as soon as possible.”. while security is about buying magical black boxes and investing in cool sounding technologies, this will never work. Until CISO’s realise that they must be enablers of business rather than the department of no we wont see funding fixed
newsletter  ciso  management 
3 days ago by bruntonspall

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