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> I also heard one investor mention how Tumblr struggled with technical debt rel... | Hacker News
> I also heard one investor mention how Tumblr struggled with technical debt related to their feed

Not sure I'd agree with that, but I suppose it depends on the context and timing of the statement.

Tumblr's solution for reverse-chrono activity feed is, at its core, <1000 lines of PHP and a few extremely heavily optimized sharded MySQL tables. It is creaky and old, but its relatively small code footprint means it isn't terrible on the tech debt scale.

Tumblr's feed is computed entirely at rea...
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november 2018 by hellsten
The story behind the story that created a political nightmare for Facebook • Huffington Post
John Cook was the editor-in-chief at Gawker and helped write the headline about Facebook 'interfering' with right-wing stories in the Newsfeed:
<p>For that system to work the way it was designed to, Facebook had to maintain a veneer of neutrality — i.e., non-complicity in the uses to which bad actors put Facebook’s engine — which is why you saw Zuckerberg recently trying to thread a needle on Holocaust denial. He wants to profit from its popularity on his platform without feeling bad about it.

The news curation story struck such a nerve both for the company and for its users because it put the lie to that posture of non-intervention. If people realized that Facebook did intervene in what stories it felt were worthy of a spot in the Trending Module, by using editors, then perhaps they might begin to interrogate the quieter interventions, too, the ones happening by way of the News Feed’s algorithm, which was privileging divisive, hateful and propagandistic content. The trending module was public, and as such, it needed to be handcrafted in order to reflect the values that the company wanted to project. The News Feed was a private flow, where Facebook’s actual values could be found in the sewage. Hiring editors to moderate that sewage in the trending module was the closest Facebook came in this whole mess to a noble act.

That’s the irony: This small, self-interested gesture at information hygiene alone rendered Facebook vulnerable to the right-wing outrage cycle. Not because Facebook sought to stifle conservative speech — it is by far the most extensive publisher and amplifier of Trumpist propaganda on the planet — but because the Fox News- and Breitbart-driven grievance brigades have been so successful that the mere imposition of value-based editorial standards is in itself an act of, ahem, suppression. Indeed, so successful that that vulnerability — the way that conservatives would inevitably seize on it, had already seized on it, within the organization — was part of what made the whole thing newsworthy to begin with. And so successful that a left-of-center tech site, in packaging its report, couldn’t resist trying to have it both ways by characterizing it as suppression in the headline and as editing in the story.</p>
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november 2018 by charlesarthur
- STOP fucking around with my why the hell can’t I sort by the latest post first? I do…
Newsfeed  FuckYou  from twitter_favs
june 2018 by netweb
Kate Losse, Former Zuckerberg Speechwriter Interview
A conversation with former Zuckerberg speechwriter Kate Losse on how the Facebook founder thinks and what is hardest for him to wrap his mind around.
up-to-us  research  interview  transcript  katelosse  facebook  markzuckerberg  history  cambridgeanalytica  newsfeed  nymag 
april 2018 by danhon
What worries me about AI – François Chollet – Medium
One path leads to a place that really scares me. The other leads to a more humane future. There’s still time to take the better one. If you work on these technologies, keep this in mind. You may not have evil intentions. You may simply not care. You may simply value your RSUs more than our shared future. But whether or not you care, because you have a hand in shaping the infrastructure of the digital world, your choices affect us all. And you may eventually be held responsible for them.
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april 2018 by jm
The death of the newsfeed — Benedict Evans
Since you’re posting it to ‘your’ feed instead of sending it explicitly to someone, it’s OK to post lots and to post less important things.
social  newsfeed  random  algotithm 
april 2018 by libbymiller
The death of the newsfeed — Benedict Evans
All social apps grow until you need a newsfeed
All newsfeeds grow until you need an algorithmic feed
All algorithmic feeds grow until you get fed up of not seeing stuff/seeing the wrong stuff & leave for new apps with less overload
All those new apps grow until...
13:36 - 22 Jan 2018
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april 2018 by euler
The death of the newsfeed — Benedict Evans
algorithmic newsfeed filtering meets actual human behavior
social  google  twitter  newsfeed  facebook 
april 2018 by tswaterman
Facebook tells publishers to take it or leave it
Embedded with full interview with Campbell Brown and Adam Mosseri at Recode's Code Media conference.
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february 2018 by iankennedy

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