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Facebook’s war on free will | Technology | The Guardian
In reality, Facebook is a tangle of rules and procedures for sorting information, rules devised by the corporation for the ultimate benefit of the corporation. Facebook is always surveilling users, always auditing them, using them as lab rats in its behavioural experiments. While it creates the impression that it offers choice, in truth Facebook paternalistically nudges users in the direction it deems best for them, which also happens to be the direction that gets them thoroughly addicted. It’s a phoniness that is most obvious in the compressed, historic career of Facebook’s mastermind. [...] The problem is that when we outsource thinking to machines, we are really outsourcing thinking to the organisations that run the machines.
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PewDiePie Comes Out As Gay On Twitter Then Changes His Mind | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
PewDiePie Comes Out As Gay On Twitter Then Changes His Mind Today’s episode is brought to you by the Un-carrier®, with T-Mobile ONE™. All unlimited. All in! More Celebrity News ►► The news initially came from fellow youtube channel Drama Alert on a seemingly slow news day. Drama Alert AKA Keem, tweeted PewDiePie […]
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22 days ago by wotek
This Is How Your Fear and Outrage Are Being Sold for Profit
As content producers compete for this type of affective engagement, this battle for attention creates what tech ethicist Tristan Harris has called “a race to the bottom of the brain stem.”
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6 weeks ago by johndodds
Facebook is putting ads everywhere in hopes of finding the next News Feed - Recode
[ Tipping Point, topped out! Das ist kein Tech-Journalismus, sondern ein Haufen Müll. News Feed verliert dramatisch Aufmerksamkeit. Diese Zahlen sollten genannt werden. ] But there is a problem looming: Facebook has been saying for the past year that it is running out of places to put ads in News Feed. The company has determined that it can’t put more ads into users’ feeds without harming their experience. The industry term for this is ratio of ads to other content is called “ad load,” and Facebook says News Feed’s ad load is all maxed out.

Facebook says its revenue growth will slow down “meaningfully” this year as a result.
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9 weeks ago by asterisk2a
Facebook’s algorithm isn’t surfacing one-third of our posts. And it’s getting worse.
So here we are. The data show that we are having the fewest number of our most successful posts and the most of our least successful at a time when our strategy hasn’t significantly changed and our fans have grown.
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12 weeks ago by markhgn
Ranchero Software: Evergreen
Evergreen Evergreen is an open source, productivity-style feed reader for Macs. It’s at a very early stage — we use it, but we don’t expect other people to use…
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june 2017 by splorp
News Feed: Neue Updates zur Reduzierung von Clickbait-Überschriften | Facebook Newsroom D-A-CH
Veränderung der Regeln, um Clickbaiting zu vermeiden. Überspitzte Überschriften und Überschriften, die Informationen verdecken, werden getrennt identifiziert. Insgesamt ist das Verfahren ähnlich, wie bei der Identifikation von Spam
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may 2017 by heinzwittenbrink
Remember life (and friendships) before the invention of the newsfeed?
It is fascinating to think about the extent to which the invention of the social media 'newsfeed' has changed the way that different people and systems in the world relate to one another.
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may 2017 by jamesshelley
Can Facebook Fix Its Own Worst Bug? - The New York Times
After studying how people shared 1.25 million stories during the campaign, a team of researchers at M.I.T. and Harvard implicated Facebook and Twitter in the larger failure of media in 2016.

News Feed’s personalization algorithm did filter out some opposing views in your feed, the study claimed, but the bigger effect was users’ own choices. When News Feed did show people views contrary to their own, they tended not to click on the stories. For Zuckerberg, the finding let Facebook off the hook.

“When I started Facebook, the idea of connecting the world was not controversial,” Zuckerberg said now. “The default assumption was that the world was incrementally just moving in that direction. So I thought we can connect some people and do our part in helping move in that direction.” But now, he said, whether it was wise to connect the world was “actually a real question.”

The whole purpose of editorial guidelines and ethics is often to suppress individual instincts in favor of some larger social goal. Facebook finds it very hard to suppress anything that its users’ actions say they want. In some cases, it has been easier for the company to seek out evidence that, in fact, users don’t want these things at all.

Cox suggested that it was not exactly correct to say that Facebook, as a company, decided to fight clickbait. What actually happened was that Facebook found better ways to listen to users, who were themselves rejecting clickbait. “That comes out of good-quality panels and measurement systems, rather than an individual decision saying, ‘Hey, I really want us to care about clickbait,’ ” he says.
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april 2017 by asilvao

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