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Streaming and Cloud Computing Endanger Modding and Game Preservation - Motherboard
This sounds absolutely lovely, if you're in the business of publishing and/or marketing video games. You can now dictate what users are allowed to do with your game's content, and whether any sort of modding will be allowed. In the event that modding is facilitated, likely through your own backend, mods may be censored and curated at your whim. You don't need to worry about client support issues, which is a nightmare on PC and, to a slightly lesser degree, mobile. You decide how long you want your game to be available to users, for however long it's paying for its presence on the cloud, giving you even more predictable post-launch support costs. Your game is playable on every platform that can support your streaming solution, with no need to create ports and deal with limited hardware constraints for each of those ports. Of course, for users and historians alike, this has a number of dreadful implications. We've been lucky that up to this point, streaming has not been an especially viable solution for playing video games. Stadia continues to take a naive approach to streaming (and, most assuredly, there are far more sophisticated solutions on the horizon which do not merely rely on audio/video encoding/decoding), with a controller capable of interfacing directly with the server in order to help eliminate some of the input latency that would be contributed by client software/hardware. It is, however, still going to be far from ideal for games and genres that demand minimal input latency and short response times.
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Monitoring iOS HTTPS Network Traffic – James Marino – Medium
In an attempt to explore Apple’s Find My Friends API, I was led to monitor the network requests coming from my iPhone 6s and actually finding some rather interesting responses. For this guide I have…
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