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Yet another report says the rate of TV cord cutting is worse than anybody thought • Techdirt
Karl Bode:
<p>we're slowly but surely reaching the point where the rise of the streaming video revolution can't be denied, with data indicating it's worse than anybody thought. While the pay TV sector lost another 1 million subscribers last quarter, those totals don't factor in those that bought a new home or rented a new apartment, but chose not to sign up for cable. Many of these folks are dubbed "cord nevers," having never bought into the value proposition of paying $130 more per month for a bloated bundle of largely-unwatched reality TV channels from a company that treats paying customers with disdain.

Meanwhile, a new report by eMarketer this week indicates that the pace of customer defections is notably higher than most previous estimates. The firm notes that it was forced to reduce its estimate for US TV ad spending due to faster-than-expected growth in cord-cutting:
<p>"eMarketer expected a slowdown this year in TV ad sales, after 2016 benefited from both the Olympics and US presidential election,” said Monica Peart, eMarketer’s senior forecasting director. “However, traditional TV advertising is slowing even more than expected, as viewers switch their time and attention to the growing list of live streaming and over-the-top [OTT] platforms.”</p>

All told, the firm predicts that by the end of this year, there will be 22.2 million consumers over the age of eighteen that have cut the cord, up 33.2% since 2016. And while there's still a whopping 196.3 million US adults that subscribe to traditional pay TV (cable, satellite, or telco), that tally is down 2.4% over 2016 levels, with the defection rate only accelerating. The cause? A strange idea known as competition and, by proxy, lower prices…</p>

US TV probably hasn't had to realise how awful it is for years. The growth of rivals - free (YouTube) and paid-for (Netflix et al) - is exposing its structural weaknesses, and particularly the intrusiveness of its advertising.
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‘Bojack Horseman’ Learns to Look to the Future
“@BoJackHorseman Learns to Look to the Future” #tv #netflix #screenwriting
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