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Bottom Navigation Interface – Prototyping: From UX to Front End
Steven Hoober’s 2013 mobile device research found that a whopping 49% of smartphone users rely on one hand, 36% take the cradled approach, and 15% use both hands. In 2017, not much has changed. Since seamless design is so much more than good looks, one-handed and one-thumbed interactions are becoming the norm. In the first place, it’s more comfortable. Second, it’s not always convenient to use both hands. But here’s the rub: one-handed usage limits how far your thumb can easily reach.
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yesterday by dlkinney
A Brief Overview On Responsive Navigation Patterns – Smashing Magazine
To say that responsive web design has changed our industry would be an understatement at best. We used to ask our clients which resolutions and devices they wanted us to support, but we now know the answer is “as many as possible.” To answer a challenge like this and to handle our increasingly complex world, our industry has exploded with new thinking, patterns and approaches.
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Merci-Michel - Projects
A selection of Merci-Michel's digital production work, since 2013
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