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7 Navigational Implementations that Make Kohl's 'Best in Class'
54% of e-commerce sites suffer from “over-categorization” that heavily impede users’ ability to effectively navigate product categories. Another severe issue is that 22% of major e-commerce sites lack Intermediary Category Pages at the very top of their category hierarchy – despite these consistently showing to improve users’ ability to reliably navigate the product catalog.
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yesterday by antonio
Inspiration for Navigation Indicators
Today we’d like to share some style inspiration with you. The topic of this inspirational collection is navigation indicators. Pages, slideshows and other components often need some kind of navigation that tells the user where he is currently. In this collection we want to explore a couple of subtle designs that make navigating fun and interesting. The example that we are using is a vertical slideshow but the styles can be envisioned and adjusted for many other components.
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2 days ago by vancura
Uber Navigation
By Cady Wachsman - Mar 15, 2017
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3 days ago by mycotn
Slidebars - Demos
Off canvas navigation with "slidebars". It's unfortunately a jQuery plugin but still good for inspiration for a pure JS version.
slidebars  demo  jquery  javascript  off-canvas  navigation 
6 days ago by ijy

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