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Rock Seven | Truly global GPS tracking and messaging systems using Iridium satellite | RockSTAR
Iridium-based GPS tracker, allows SMSes to be sent. Some sort of web API for management. Kinda like a YellowBrick or Delorme Inreach. £500 + VAT.
gps  navigation  thingstobuy  expedition  api 
2 days ago by pozorvlak
every web developer: haha remember frames lol the fuck were we thinking
also every web developer: div {…
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8 days ago by qwzybug
HAIKU your bike GPS - Navigation, Stats, Notifications
HAIKU is a bike GPS, connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone, which displays the information you need during your rides, starting with the Navigation.
bike  gps  navigation  biicycle 
9 days ago by doglord

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