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North Korea Is Not Crazy
In early 2016, a new pattern of activity began to emerge in an unusual operation against the Bangladesh Central Bank. Actors obtained the legitimate Bangladesh Central Bank credentials for the SWIFT interbank messaging system and used them to attempt to transfer $951 million of the bank’s funds to accounts around the world. A few simple errors by the actors (and some pure luck) allowed central bankers to prevent the transfer of or recover most of the funds, but the attackers ended up getting away with nearly $81 million.
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7 weeks ago by snearch
NSA’s ANT Division Catalog of Exploits for Nearly Every Major Software/Hardware/Firmware | LeakSource
If you're running it online, it seems that it's part of the NSA's own personal shopping catalog of exploits. Check all these out.
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7 weeks ago by aiefel
Nordic Startup Awards | VOTE!
Not only for us: remember to vote (preferably for of course! We are nominated in 3 categories)
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