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Rasa Stack: Open source conversational AI
Open source tools to power your conversational chatbot, based on the latest machine learning research.
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8 hours ago by alphajuliet
The Annotated Transformer
The Transformer from “Attention is All You Need” has been on a lot of people’s minds over the last year. Besides producing major improvements in translation quality, it provides a new architecture for many other NLP tasks. The paper itself is very clearly written, but the conventional wisdom has been that it is quite difficult to implement correctly.

In this post I present an “annotated” version of the paper in the form of a line-by-line implementation. I have reordered and deleted some sections from the original paper and added comments throughout. This document itself is a working notebook, and should be a completely usable implementation. In total there are 400 lines of library code which can process 27,000 tokens per second on 4 GPUs.
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8 hours ago by mike
BLEU - Wikipedia
BLEU (bilingual evaluation understudy) is an algorithm for evaluating the quality of text which has been machine-translated from one natural language to another

13 hours ago by tobym
Rachael Tatman | Kaggle
A great series of tutorials on various aspects of R and doing text analytics with R.
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yesterday by jerid.francom

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