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CrashPlan packages for Synology NAS
Packages and instructions for installing CrashPlan clients on Synology NAS machines.
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4 days ago by grahams
Private NAS vs The Cloud – Which one should you choose for your Data – NAS Compares
We, as a species, produce so much data! There is no sugar-coating it, we are producing as many megabytes and gigabytes as we are popping out babies. All those bits and bytes have to go somewhere. How much data do you think you have produced in the last 24 hours? Think about it… every email you sent and received, every picture you took, all the metadata created whilst watching your video library or listening to music. Even the data we do not see that is a record of where we go and what we do from the more mainstream CCTV on buildings around us to the far more direct cookies and cached data that is accumulated when just browsing the internet. We are producing quite astonishingly large amounts of data!
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10 days ago by rgl7194
Open source web-based file storage and collaboration suite for home server
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11 days ago by goofrider

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