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Classical music is one of the greatest treasures of Europe’s cultural heritage. Although it is a historical genre, it is continually (re)interpreted and revitalised through musical performance. Today, most of the classical repertoire is in the public domain; massive numbers of scores and recordings are now available in online community-contributed repositories actively used by scholars and musicians. Technology offers ways to enrich and contextualise this repertoire, so that users might better understand and appreciate it.
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Bones And Grooves: The Weird Secret History Of Soviet X-Ray Music : NPR
they do vary in quality, hugely. Some were virtually unlistenable. But that didn't seem to matter, in some ways. I mean, talking to people who bought these records when they were young — even the tiniest thread of melody, of this forbidden sound, was so exciting. And it led to a different world, really, a world of freedom, [even though the music was] not obviously anti-Soviet. You would think, "Why would that mambo be regarded as something worth forbidding?"
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Volker Bertelmann alias "Hauschka" - "Meine Musik ist wie ein Highspeed-Zug" (Archiv)
Fabian Elsäßer: Der Regisseur Peter Sellars hat einmal über die Musik von Philip Glass folgenden schönen Satz gesagt: Das ist ein bisschen wie bei einer Zugfahrt durch Amerika. via Pocket
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18 days ago by hansdorsch - vinyl records price guide
Find out the value of your vinyl records by searching our archive
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Moin Vinyl - Price Comparison
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Pandora Learns the Cost of Ads, and of Subscriptions | WIRED
In the experiment, the odds of someone signing up for a subscription increased by 0.14 percent for each additional ad served per hour. But those conversions came at a cost: For each user that become a subscriber, three others stopped using Pandora. The study notes that the subscription revenue earned by converting users to subscriptions is “considerably smaller” than the revenue Pandora would have earned through advertising to the users who decreased their listening or left the service.Mark Mahaney, senior tech analyst at RBC Capital, said a subscription model for streaming services is more attractive than an ad-supported model, but only slightly. “If you were to pick one versus the other, you’d probably pick a subscription model,” he said. “The ideal solution may well be to have both.” Having assumed the market would rapidly swing toward subscriptions, he’s been surprised by how many people are willing to tolerate ads for a free streaming product.
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viele Stunden Musik, u.a. Chillout
[Beautiful voices](
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