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MTV: Rückkehr zu den Wurzeln geplant |
Es gab eine Zeit, da war Musikfernsehen eine ganz große Nummer. Youtube und Co. setzten dieser Ära ein Ende. Doch MTV plant jetzt sein Programmkonzept wieder neu auszulegen.
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9 days ago by Medienwoche
Takeo Ischi & Rudy Schneyder - Kirschenblüten Jodler - YouTube
Die Sonne brennt vom Himmel, Totenstille herrscht in dem kleinen Städtchen irgendwo im Nirgendwo, selbst der Wind hält dem Atem an. Nur ein paar morsche Latt...
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10 days ago by Freiner
Wolves in the Throne Room Interview 2006
One of the many contradictions of Black Metal is that it is a music that decries civilization, but relies on so many modern contrivances to exist. I don’t think it is a natural sound at all. It is really the sound of paradox, ambiguity, confusion, being caught between two worlds that cannot be reconciled. I have had people throw this in my face before – “how can you play music that is supposedly anti-civilization on electric guitars?” Frankly I find this line of reason boring and pointless. I remember a common line against rioters trashing the Nike store in downtown Seattle. There was a famous picture of some black-clad kid smashing the Nike sign, but zoom in and… ah-haa!! He’s wearing Nike sneakers! I say, who fucking cares? Catharsis is our objective, not a lilly-white and guilt free existence. We are all hypocrites and failures.

If you listen to BM, but you don’t know what phase the moon is in, or what wild flowers are blooming then you have failed. It is shocking to me that one could be seriously interested in Black Metal and not be deeply committed to radical ecology. Is BM supposed to be about concrete high rises, suburbs, television, an easy modern existence with access to 4-tracks and corpse paint from the local hot topic? No! The music is about wild forests, unfettered rivers, nature: furious and vengeful.
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10 days ago by mlte
Podcast – Thomas Berndt
Mein Podcast „Inspiration Musik“

In meinem Podcast Inspiration Musik führe ich u.a. Gespräche rund um das Thema Musik. Ich treffe Leute, die sich für Musik begeistern, Musik hören und auch Musik machen. Mit dabei sind Musiker, Musikstudenten, Schüler, Veranstalter, Musikliebhaber und viele andere interessante Persönlichkeiten.
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13 days ago by mandoisland
Suche nach kostenloser Musik, um sie herunterzuladen und für dein Projekt zu verwenden.
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14 days ago by tbweb

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