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New flexbox guides on MDN – Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
by Rachel Andrew. She says: ... Flexbox now sits alongside Grid and Box Alignment to form a new way of thinking about layout for the web. It is useful to reflect this in the documentation. ...
webdesign  web  design  css  flex  flexbox  resource  guide  reference  code  coding  mozilla  grid  layout 
5 hours ago by piperh
Adactio: Links—Secure Contexts Everywhere | Mozilla Security Blog
I’m all in favour of HTTPS everywhere, but this kind of strong-arming just feels like blackmail to me.
A strong reaction, from someone generally supportive of moving things to HTTPS, that tying other features to HTTPS is "blackmail" or abuse.
https  security  standards  mozilla  research  action  regulation 
20 hours ago by npdoty
IRL Podcast: Online Life is Real Life
Host Veronica Belmont shares real stories of life online and real talk about the future of the Web.
podcast  mozilla  online  technology  digital 
2 days ago by andrewn
Open Badges Homepage
Connected, verifiable credentials represented in portable image files

Open Badges are visual tokens of achievement, affiliation, authorization, or other trust relationship sharable across the web. Open Badges represent a more detailed picture than a CV or résumé as they can be presented in ever-changing combinations, creating a constantly evolving picture of a person’s lifelong learning.

Learn more about how badges are being used and how you can start earning, issuing and displaying Open Badges in your programs.
education  badge  mozilla 
7 days ago by vesan
Eyes Above The Waves: Ancient Browser-Wars History: MD5-Hashed Posts Declassified
"One lesson here is even insiders can be overly pessimistic about the prospects of an old codebase; dedicated, talented staff working over the long haul can do wonders, and during that time your competitors will have a chance to develop their own problems. "
programming  web  history  browser  mozilla 
10 days ago by ssam
Rocket - A Rust game running on WASM
After seeing the examples on, I thought it would be interesting to try to adapt my game Rocket to work on the browser through the wasm32-unknown-unknown target. The project was a great way to figure out how far you can go when porting a project that is a bit more complex than a hello world. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that most of the code could be reused. Particularly, the game logic code was barely touched at all.
rust  wasm  mozilla  dev  game  gamedev 
10 days ago by deusx

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