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Firefox to enable DNS-over-HTTPS by default to US users
"Mozilla will bring its new DNS-over-HTTPS security feature to all Firefox users in the U.S. by default in the coming weeks, the browser maker has confirmed. It follows a year-long effort to test the new security feature, which aims to make browsing the web more secure and private. Whenever you visit a website — even if it’s HTTPS enabled — the DNS query that converts the web address into an IP address that computers can read is usually unencrypted. DNS-over-HTTPS, or DoH, encrypts the request so that it can’t be intercepted or hijacked in order to send a user to a malicious site. These unencrypted DNS queries can also be used to snoop on which websites a user visits." - Zack Whittaker, TechCrunch

+ Mozilla's blog post announcing the rollout: Firefox continues push to bring DNS over HTTPS by default for US users
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yesterday by dmcdev
IRL Podcast: Online Life is Real Life
Manoush Zomorodi explores real stories of life online – and real talk about how we can all keep the Internet healthy, weird and wonderful. IRL is an original …
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yesterday by exnihilo
Farmdev: The Art of UI Skeletons
The Art of UI Skeletons: tips on making apps "feel" fast from the Firefox Add-ons site team.
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3 days ago by wjy
InputEvent - Web APIs | MDN
EXPERIMENTAL. The InputEvent interface represents an event notifying of editable content change.
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3 days ago by aeng
Inside Mozilla's internet privacy fight with Google, Facebook
The inside story of a very long, sometimes lonely and totally quixotic quest.
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13 days ago by mirthe

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