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A single distribution of libraries that automatically collects traces and metrics from your app, displays them locally, and sends them to any analysis tool.
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8 hours ago by mpm
firehol/netdata: Get control of your servers. Simple. Effective. Awesome!
netdata is a system for distributed real-time performance and health monitoring. It provides unparalleled insights, in real-time, of everything happening on the system it runs (including applications such as web and database servers), using modern interactive web dashboards.

netdata is fast and efficient, designed to permanently run on all systems (physical & virtual servers, containers, IoT devices), without disrupting their core function.

netdata runs on Linux, FreeBSD, and MacOS.
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yesterday by ssorc
With Loggly, SolarWinds scoops up another log service
“With the acquisition of Loggly, SolarWinds obtains an asset that was slow in getting started but has hit a patch of growth recently. As of September, we believe the company was on track to finish 2017 with roughly $10m in billings, up from mid-single digits in 2016. Founded in 2009 with a mission of offering a SaaS-based, easy-to-use logging product with helpful visualizations built using advanced analytics, Loggly had raised $47m in venture capital, including a $11.5m series D round in June 2016.” They estimate ~3,000 paying customers.
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yesterday by cote

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