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Are Your Dashboards Intuitive? - DZone Big Data
"Your dashboard may be flashy and good-looking, but that's not the sole purpose of dashboards. Learn how to make dashboards that both look good and provide great insights."
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Peter Bourgon · Logging v. instrumentation
In my opinion, my thesis from GopherCon 2014 still holds: services should only log actionable information. That includes serious, panic-level errors that need to be consumed by humans, or structured data that needs to be consumed by machines. An example of the former would be a message signaling that a required database has become completely unavailable. An example of the latter would be a message indicating a media object has been played, recorded so an end-of-day batch process might calculate owed royalties. Logs read by humans should be sparse, ideally silent if nothing is going wrong. Logs read by machines should be well-defined, ideally with a versioned schema.

Instrumentation is for all remaining diagnostic information about your service. In contrast to logging, services should instrument every meaningful number available for capture. Metrics are (or should be) cheap to record and report, and instrumentation systems are more useful the more data they contain, which is a virtuous cycle: the more you have, the better-off you are.
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Linux Performance tools
Diagram and articles showing various tools for analying Linux performance
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Stream-processing with Mantis – Netflix TechBlog – Medium
To detect anomalies, we track rolling windows of unique events per asset. The size of the window and alert thresholds vary dynamically based on the rate of events.
Monitoring  NetFlix  StreamProcessing 
20 hours ago by colin.jack
A web to monitor your domain and more
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