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Calibre - Web performance monitoring
"Calibre works without tracking codes or JavaScript unnecessarily slowing down your apps. Simply add pages to monitor."

No RUM. They run Chrome with Lighthouse built-in on desktops and mobile emulators, and report results.
web  performance  speed  monitoring 
19 hours ago by dandv - Monitor Cron Jobs. Get Notified When Your Cron Jobs Fail
Monitor and Get Notified When Your Cron Jobs Fail. Free alternative to Cronitor and Dead Man's Snitch.
monitoring  cron 
21 hours ago by eashman
Comparing New Relic, Splunk, AppDynamics for Container Monitoring
You need to monitor containers -- ideally using a monitoring solution that you already have in place, rather than implementing an entirely new tool.
containers  monitoring 
21 hours ago by pinterb

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