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Moloch augments your current security infrastructure by storing and indexing network traffic in standard PCAP format, while also providing fast indexed access. Moloch is not meant to replace Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), instead it provides more visibility. Moloch is built with an intuitive UI/UX which reduces the analysis time of suspected incidents.
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40 minutes ago by curiousstranger
Tools | FortiGuard
FortiAppMonitor is a macOS freeware which is developed and released by Fortinet. It’s designed to monitor the behaviors of programs on macOS. It can help users understand application behaviors quickly. For malware analyst and security researcher, this tool can help them analyze the malicious behaviors of macOS malware with a set of powerful features effectively and efficiently.
macos  tools  monitoring 
15 hours ago by some_hren
Graylog | Overview
Parse and enrich logs, wire data, and event data from any data source. Graylog also provides centralized configuration management for 3rd party collectors such as beats, fluentd and nxlog. The processing pipelines allow for greater flexibility in routing, blacklisting, modifying and enriching messages in real-time as they enter Graylog.
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yesterday by horshacktest
Get up and running Zentral on Google Cloud Platform — Chapter 1
We start our tutorial series with a detailed “how to get up and running Zentral” guide. In four sequential blog posts we will run a Zentral server hosted at a public cloud provider, we edit Kibana and the Zentral base configuration, show how to inspect inner process (helps for debugging) and how Prometheus 2.0 is used in Zentral. We also enable 2FA login and wrap up the series with an example how to enable SAML login into Zentral (for the ones using Okta, OneLogin, et al.).
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2 days ago by horshacktest
Heatmaps Make Ops Better - Honeycomb
In this blog miniseries, I’d like to talk about how to think about doing data analysis “the Honeycomb way.”  Welcome to part 1, where I cover what a heatmap is—and how using them can really level up your ability to understand what’s going on with distributed software.
analytics  monitoring  sysadmin  heatmaps 
2 days ago by euler
Powershell: Monitoring AD Account Lock-Out Events
One of the most basic and repetitive tasks for system administrators is certainly unlocking Active Directory user accounts. It's very easy to underestimate it, in fact, this operation isn't perceived not just by users, but more importantly by junior engineers not important at all! Frequently providing some general feedback to the user on this issue or simply a response that this issue is now it's been fixed. On top of that, I've found that in some situation finding the root cause it requires a bit of investigation and experience not just to guess what more likely is causing it and not many of us are willing to take this effort. But I like to explain and document what happened to the user, to me it's absolutely key to raise the awareness and trust people and processes involved in the IT System. What do we use to unlock AD Accounts? AD User and Computers or RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tool) and more specifically ADAC (Active Directory Administrative Center) are the go-to
powershell  ad  security  monitoring 
2 days ago by egwillim

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