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Monitoring Isn't Observability
14 hours ago by summerwind
PM2 - Advanced Node.js process manager
Advanced, production process manager for Node.js
node.js  monitoring  process 
yesterday by cothrun
Kuoll - Loss monitoring
New e-commerce monitoring solution to prevent an online store from losses

Estimate losses from e-commerce errors.
Retain revenue and control changes.
error-handling  monitoring  commercial  commerce  service  online 
yesterday by liqweed
Visualping: #1 Website change detection, monitoring and alerts
With more than 1 million users and a 100% free plan, Visualping is the easiest to use website checker, webpage change monitoring, website change detector and web page change alert software. Contrary to other website change monitoring services like ChangeDetector, Versionista and Wachete, we track changes visual and alert you via email.
tools  web  monitoring  tracking  monitor  changes  tool  analytics  marketing  change  jk-www  jk-career 
yesterday by websitejk
Best AWS log/event cruncher for SMEs who can't afford splunk? : aws
- Logentries integrates with AWS Cloudtrail and combines CloudTrail data with other data sources such as AWS Cloudwatch, your system and application log data. Logentries provides an easy to use clickable interface that allows you to easily understand your Cloudtrail data and AWS account activity. Logentries provides out of the box alerts and tags for important Cloudtrail events so that you can immediately get notified upon important events and activity in your AWS account. Logentries helps you correlate Cloudtrail, Cloudwatch and your application log information to better diagnose and troubleshoot issues. Logentires dashboards provide a high level summary view of the CloudTrail data so that trends can be monitored over time.
- use beats instead of logstash to ship logs
aws  logs  monitoring  cybersecurity 
yesterday by bwiese
Google Family Link - Home
Hiding apps and remote logging is kinda mean...
google  android  app  software  parental  control  monitoring  logging  access  screen  time  limit 
yesterday by asteroza
Site and web service for monitoring scientific journals.
journal  monitoring  rss  development  reserach 
2 days ago by mjlassila
Second Life: Rethinking Myself Through Exercise, Mindfulness, and Gratitude – MacStories
Six months ago, I decided my single goal for 2018 was to begin a second life. Here's what I've been doing to make it happen.
health  tracking  monitor  monitoring  howto  blog  article  apple 
2 days ago by danesparza

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