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4 Built-in Methods to Repair a Failed Hard Drive on Mac System
When you find that the hard drive fails on your Mac, you will search for all kinds of methods to repair it. Virtually, Mac system has a variety of native utilities to fix disk issues. Now, this article will expose the 4 most common ones.
corrupt  PST  Disk  Utility  FSCK  Mac  Recovery  Mode  Repair  Hard  Drive  Safe  Single  User 
yesterday by DataNumen
What to Do If EFI Partition Gets Corrupted on Mac System?
If the EFI partition is damaged, Mac system will malfunction in many aspects, such as system failure to boot up, etc. In a nutshell, broken EFI partition will cause lots of troubles. You’d better resolve it as soon as possible. This article will give you a quick guide.
Apple  Diagnostics  Corrupted  EFI  Partition  Disk  Utility  Internet  Recovery  Mac  Outlook  corruption  Mode  Reinstall  System 
2 days ago by DataNumen
copy paste in tmux | Awhan Patnaik
With vi style key bindings on, then the following applies:

1) enter copy mode using Control+b [
2) navigate to beginning of text, you want to select and hit Space
3) move around using arrow keys to select region
4) when you reach end of region simply hit Enter to copy the region
5) now Control+b ] will paste the selection
tmux  copy  text  mode  paste 
18 days ago by theskett
RT : Exclu vidéo : quand 24 Sevres célèbre la mode et la féminité
Mode  from twitter
19 days ago by iancr
Regencape - Yellow – Allthatiwant
Den Poncho hab' ich mir geliehen. Funktioniert prima.
fahrradio  eurobike2017  newsletter  mode 
19 days ago by hansdorsch
Mode Homme et Conseils en Style Masculin
mode  blog 
24 days ago by alssanro
Six & Sept Paris
Découvrez nos mailles italiennes
24 days ago by alssanro
How Not To Sort By Average Rating – Evan Miller
We need to balance the proportion of positive ratings with the uncertainty of a small number of observations. Fortunately, the math for this was worked out in 1927 by Edwin B. Wilson. What we want to ask is: Given the ratings I have, there is a 95% chance that the "real" fraction of positive ratings is at least what? Wilson gives the answer.
statistics  algorithms  programming  math  mean  median  mode 
24 days ago by tonious

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