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Lessons from my Grandmother - millennials in the workplace
Lockheed Martin employee recognizes millennials and older generations have so much to learn from each other.
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9 days ago by TMP
Republicans’ Millennial Problem Isn’t What You Think | City Journal
Millennials don’t give Democrats large majorities because of that party’s social liberalism and multiculturalism; they vote for Democrats because they are, in substantial numbers, racial minorities.
millenials  Minorities  Immigration  voting  Republicans  city-journal 
19 days ago by HispanicPundit
Millennials Are Screwed - The Huffington Post
Super powerful longform article about the economic challenges facing millennials. Required reading for any asshole who thinks "The kids are just lazy."
millenials  longform  huffington_post  disparity  economics 
23 days ago by sawtoothwave
How "Empire Records" Became The Unlikely Film Of A Generation
I remember watching Empire Records for the 12th time on the floor of my best friend’s basement, complete with green shag carpeting and wood paneling, and then watching it again as we fought sleep, somewhere around 2 a.m., with piles of candy.
5 weeks ago by mayrav

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