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Monetising millennials: what the corporate world thinks it knows about young people | Media | The Guardian
Notes from a millennial watching non millennials explain to other non millennials how to persuade millennials to spend money by faking the things they image millennials care about.

For bonus all this taking place across the street from where I used to live in Sydney.
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4 days ago by mr_stru
What’s your “that’s why I don’t go home for the holidays” story? : AskReddit
ah the old baby boomer crowd of just "hey son! why dont you just find a nice woman to settle down with, crush your dreams in the back of your head, put your goals on the backburner, and just grow up having a life of doing nothing but waking up in at 6 am to be at work by 730 after an hour commute, then not come home for lunch, be miserable working more than 9 hours a day, come home at 630 then be burnt out to do anything so you just want to go to bed, that's how you do it!"
6 days ago by abemaingi
Poll: Millennials Favor Stalin and Kim Jong Un | Truth Revolt
It’s not looking good for 21- to 29-year-olds, which is to say, sadly, it’s not looking good for the future: according to a poll published Thursday, nearly one in five millennial meatheads consider Joseph Stalin and Kim Jong Un to be “heroes.”
socialism  capitalism  propaganda  communism  millenials 
19 days ago by Jswindle
Are Millennials Moving Right on Guns? - POLITICO Magazine
The kids are gonna be alright... pro-gun, pro-same sex marriage, pro-legal marijuana.
firearms  guns  culture  demographics  politics  america  millenials 
5 weeks ago by edj

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