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New Azure VPN Gateways now 6x faster | Blog | Microsoft Azure
In addition to performance, many customers with mission-critical workloads need control over the VPN policies to meet compliance regulations. We now provide custom IPsec/IKE policy selection giving you more flexibility to choose your encryption policy. We are also enhancing the new gateways to accommodate both route-based and policy-based VPNs. Although a route-based VPN using BGP to automatically learn routing is easier to manage, many customers have already deployed policy-based VPNs at their branch offices. The new VPN gateways allow multiple sites using policy-based VPNs to connect to the same VPN gateway.
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On-demand training for software developers: .NET, Xamarin, C#, JavaScript, Angular, Azure, and much more
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Microsoft delivers version 1 of 'Bletchley' Azure blockchain as a service middleware | ZDNet
Microsoft is making an early version of its Azure Blockchain as a Service middleware available to customers as of this week. Codenamed Project Bletchley, that fabric is meant to provide some of the missing pieces that business users might need before they start using blockchain applications. via Pocket
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16 hours ago by azurerich
Microsoft to aid Azure customers in taking on patent trolls | ZDNet
The company plans to make 10,000 Microsoft patents available to Azure customers to help them defend themselves against "baseless patent lawsuits," in Microsoft officials' words. via Pocket
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16 hours ago by azurerich
Microsoft debuts Azure Cosmos DB, a superset of its DocumentDB service | ZDNet
Microsoft is introducing a new globally distributed database, called Azure Cosmos DB, at Day 1 of its Build 2017 developer conference in Seattle. Azure Cosmos DB is a superset of Microsoft's existing NoSQL DocumentDB service. via Pocket
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16 hours ago by azurerich
9 Ideas Shaping The Future Of Design, According To Ideo, Microsoft, Autodesk, MIT, And More
“Our profession is in between ‘utopia and oblivion.’ It will be oblivion if we continue focusing on minor aesthetic problems.”
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yesterday by jorgebarba
Ford is using Microsoft’s HoloLens to design cars in augmented reality - The Verge
Ford is using Microsoft's HoloLens headset to let designers quickly model out changes to cars, trucks, and SUVs in augmented reality. This allows designers to see the changes on top of an existing physical vehicle, instead of the traditional clay model approach to car design.
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yesterday by jorgebarba
Satya Nadella: The C In CEO Stands For Culture
In this exclusive excerpt from Satya Nadella’s book “Hit Refresh,” he reveals Microsoft’s mind-set for shifting from a know-it-all to a learn-it-all culture.
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yesterday by jorgebarba
How to Enable Microsoft’s Precision Touchpad Drivers on Your Laptop
This works because, Precision Touchpad or non-Precision Touchpad, laptops generally have the same underlying hardware. The touchpad is usually made by a company named Synaptics or ELAN, and manufacturers choose to either use Microsoft’s Precision Touchpad standard or manufacturer-customized drivers and configuration tools.
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yesterday by jasonsamuels

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