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Alum Mikey Pauker's New Album Fuses Jewish Mysticism with Reggae Beats
THE TIMES OF ISRAEL -- In keeping with the spirit of California folk singers who came before him, Pauker draws artistic inspiration from his surroundings, which also serve as his connection to the Creator and a means of grounding in himself.

His new album “Ascension” is billed as an “invitation to listen to the call of our inner wilderness and to greet our darkness with understanding and an open heart.”

He went on to study broadcast communications at San Francisco State University, where he worked at the college radio station. He also worked as a promoter, doing talent buying for clubs, and booking bands. At the time, he says, he was at a spiritual deficit and hated his work.
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Is a Single Item Enough to Measure a Construct? (MeasuringU)
Jeff Sauro разбирает, насколько важно сопровождать интерфейсные опросники несколькими вопросами, чтобы результаты были более достоверными. Как обычно, зависит от задачи ― где-то одного вопроса вполне достаточно. Да и у опросников на несколько вопросов есть свои проблемы.
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Expanding Our Collection’s Global Reach on the Spanish Wikipedia
The volume of pageviews has increased during this period, but a question arises about which articles are getting more engagement. Looking at the distribution of the pageviews in the histogram for the month of December 2017, we can see that five articles are getting more than twenty thousand pageviews, which represents over half of the total of volume of pageviews. The long tail of the articles pageviews includes pages with a much lower volume, due to the fact that, in some cases, these are new articles recently created on the Spanish Wikipedia, and in other cases because the content covers a more niche topic. As some of these are more specific or solely dedicated to an artwork, it could be argued that Wikipedia readers will be more likely to see these images.
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Moving Forward by Looking Back: Professor Shimizu Discusses Issues Faced by Women in Academia
MS. -- In looking back, we find ways to express solidarity with Seo-Young Chu — including amplifying the demand for Stanford to apologize to her and for the larger academy to recognize the need to change the environment for learning that women experience. In the era of #MeToo and #TimesUp, the burden of responsibility for implementing change in the academy must not fall on women faculty alone.

We are Magdalena Barrera, associate professor of Mexican American studies at San Jose State University; Shelley Lee, associate professor of history and chair of comparative American studies at Oberlin College; and Celine Parreñas Shimizu, professor of Cinema at San Francisco State University.

“For me, Chu’s work awakens attention to that time we shared at Stanford, reflection on where we are since then and the importance of what she is calling for in terms of a future agenda we must set now,” Shimizu says.

“ ... As a full professor at SFSU School of Cinema today, the news of Harvey Weinstein rocking our industry, compelled me to speak to my students,” Shimizu adds. “I told them that based on the experiences shared by numerous women in the entertainment industry, that assault and harassment is clearly rampant.

“And at the same time, as long as men and people in power have perpetrated this violence, there is a long history of women and people who have fought against this problem. How will you choose to be in the industry? As the door has opened for these bold and courageous women and some men choose to speak, how will the industry and academia listen so as to change our culture?”
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How A Local Newsroom In Brazil Learned To Track Its Impact
As an ICFJ Knight Fellow, Burgos is developing Impacto so it can be adopted by more newsrooms in Latin America and beyond. He is also building a coalition of Impacto media partners with continuing support from Google News Lab; Gazeta is one of the founding coalition members.
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4 days ago by paulbradshaw
From Dance Revolutionary to Hip-Hop Professor, Alum Halifu Osumare Stayed in Step with Times
SACRAMENTO BEE -- As a child, Osumare moved with her family from Texas to the Bay Area. She considers herself in part a product of that time and place. For example, she was a student at San Francisco State University in 1968 when students launched a five-month strike.

“A lot of my consciousness as a black person and as an artist was nurtured by the revolutionary ’60s in the Bay Area,” she said.

Osumare’s work eventually took her to Europe, where she founded her own “jazz ballet” company in Copenhagen. She learned from such luminaries as Katherine Dunham, Rod Rodgers and Alvin Ailey. Her mentors form a who's who of black modern dance in terms of both performance and philosophy.

“Dance is not just steps but the summoning of a larger consciousness plus the spirit and soul to communicate something,” she said.
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Alum Whit Johnson Joins ABC News as Correspondent
ABC NEWS -- Whit Johnson is an award-winning journalist who joins ABC News from KNBC where he was a co-anchor on the weekday morning show, “Today in LA,” and general assignment reporter. Johnson and the morning team won the coveted Golden Mike award last year for Best Daytime News Broadcast.

He was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is a graduate from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Television and Radio Broadcasting.
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The Tyranny of Metrics - Text Patterns - The New Atlantis
One of the great themes of Aristotle’s work on ethics and politics is the need for human judgment. In the Politics, when he describes the virtues that the “master craftsman” (architekton) of the state must have, chief among them is practical wisdom (phronesis). In the Ethics he points out that no matter how carefully laws are written, they will always be incomplete by virtue of their generality — their relevance to a given case will always have to be determined by judges, judges who therefore need to possess the virtue of equity (epieikeia) in their decision-making: that is, the ability to decide, with tact and shrewdness, just how the law should be applied in a given case.
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