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Beyond Accuracy: Precision and Recall – Towards Data Science
Would you believe someone who claimed to create a model entirely in their head to identify terrorists trying to board flights with greater than 99% accuracy? Well, here is the model: simply label…
precision  recall  accuracy  metrics  deep-learning 
2 days ago by nharbour
Interpreting Single Items from the SUS (MeasuringU)
Jeff Sauro приводит средние по рынку значения для комбинированной метрики SUS в целом каждого её вопроса в отдельности.
UX  measure  metrics  SUS  issue 
4 days ago by jvetrau
Alum Rachel Boyoung Kim's Documentary Screens at SF Jewish Film Festival
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- Two graffiti artists, a man and a woman, ply their craft in one of the world’s oldest holy cities, their 21st century messages fusing to ancient walls in Rachel Boyoung Kim’s short documentary “Jerusalem If I Forget You,” part of the July 19 – August 5 San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.

South Korea native Kim, 30, a graduate of San Francisco State University’s Cinema program and a resident of the city’s Sunset District, made the documentary in conjunction with the Jerusalem Film Workshop summer program.

The hands-on filmmaking program also introduced Kim to the artistic life of Jerusalem through fields trips to galleries, art centers and the like. It was one such excursion, to look at graffiti art, that inspired Kim.

“Jerusalem graffiti art is very different than graffiti in other cities,” she says. “In San Francisco and New York, it’s more based on pop culture or punk style. In Jerusalem, there is a very strong political and social message.”
cine  alumni  regional  metrics 
4 days ago by sfstatelca
Establishing a “Design Quality” metric to build design credibility
In operationally-minded organizations, numbers reign supreme. How can design play the quantification game?
jen-cardello  athenahealth  medium  design-metrics  metrics  design-quality  heuristic  measuring-design 
5 days ago by lendamico
Poetry Center Director Steven Dickison Discusses How Young Writers Are Leading Poetry Comeback
PBS NEWS HOUR -- Across the U.S., Steven Dickison — director of another Poetry Coalition partner, the Poetry Center and American Poetry Archives at San Francisco State University — said that there is much to learn from young poets and poets of color, especially in “rigid” academic environments.

“I have to keep learning from people who are younger and in more vulnerable positions than I am,” he said. “And I really believe that the academy is starting to wake up because of the presence of young writers and scholars within its field.”
cw  poetry  faculty  national  metrics 
6 days ago by sfstatelca
Professor Pahnke: Trump Wrong on Dairy Policies
THE CAPITAL TIMES (MADISON, WISCONSIN) -- Anthony Pahnke grew up near Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and graduated from University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 2004. He is vice president of Family Farm Defenders and an assistant professor of International Relations at San Francisco State University. His op-ed addresses the U.S. dairy crisis and President Trump’s agriculture policies.

“President Donald Trump is wrong on dairy because he supports free trade,” Pahnke writes. “At first, this may appear incorrect, especially with the trade disputes over tariffs with China and the European Union. Despite such views, his position on agriculture — dairy in particular — is entirely different, taking a page right out of the free-trading Democrats’ economic playbook of the 1990s.”
ir  faculty  research  regional  metrics 
7 days ago by sfstatelca
gtm-ecommerce-platforms/ at master · toddheslin/gtm-ecommerce-platforms
Shopify has three primary ways of collecting analytics data.

The Shopify built-in analytics tracking (limited to higher plans)
Adding the Google Analytics universal tag and Facebook Pixel into Online Store/Preferences setting
Injecting tracking code or a tag manager into the theme.liquid file (e.g Google Tag Manager)
You can also add 'Additional content and scripts' in the Settings/Checkout page, however this will only fire on the final confirmation page after a payment has been processed. It's also worth noting that all analytics enabled in (1) and (2) above will also fire on the confirmation page but you will also need to add GTM from option (3) if you want it to also fire on this page.
shopify  analytics  metrics 
7 days ago by stacker
What’s the most important metric for online science communicators?
Sometimes it feels like the key outcome of our social media activity is to generate statistics that feed impressive-looking monthly reports. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that those reports should reflect the actual goals of activity, not be an end-point themselves. My advice for most people trying to make sense of their social media analytics: for the next couple of months, dramatically simplify what you’re looking at.
social_media  metrics  analytics 
7 days ago by stacker
Scimago Lab: Research and Web Analytics
Scimago Lab is a technologically-based company offering innovative solutions to improve the Scientific Visibility and Online Reputation.
analytics  Research  metrics 
7 days ago by zeest
Preliminary Analysis of the Site Reliability Engineer Survey
If the response takes too long to get to your phone, the system might as well be "unavailable":

'If a page takes too long to load a user will consider it to be unavailable. I realized after the fact the nuances of this were not considered in the phrasing of one of our questions. We asked “What service level indicators are most important for your services?” Three of the options were end-user response time, latency, and availability. I view availability as the system up or down, latency as delays before a response is generated and end-user response time as how long before the user received the information they wanted. If an error message appears or the page fails to load, an application is unavailable. If a page takes 10 seconds to load, it’s available but incredibly frustrating to use. For SREs availability means more than is a system up or down. If the response time or latency exceeds a certain threshold the application is considered unavailable.'
sre  monitoring  metrics  itmanagement  availability  SLAs  suveys 
8 days ago by cote

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