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Professor Cha Comments on Bill O'Reilly's Departure from Fox News
NBC NEWS -- “This can definitely serve as an opportunity for the Fox News channel to build fresh images for their news programs, strengthen their relationship with existing viewers and attract new audiences,” said Jiyoung Cha, assistant professor in the Department of Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts at San Francisco State University.

“In general, on-air personalities play an important role in establishing brand awareness, recognition and loyalty to news networks and programs,” Cha said.
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18 hours ago by sfstatelca
Metrics, Incrementalism, and Local Maxima — Kortina
Favorite tweet:

First essay I've written in some time: Metrics, Incrementalism, and Local Maxima

— kortina (@kortina) April 23, 2017
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21 hours ago by callumflack
Corporate Legal's Metrics Mandate: Create Your Own KPIs, or Others Will | Legaltech News
"You are being measured, whether you know it or not," explained Craig. "So why don't you put your hands on the rudders? Why not take the initiative and steer how you're going to get measured, and actually have influence over that, instead of just waiting for the business to decide how you get measured? Help educate them and be educated about the business needs, then you can control or influence how you are being measured."
Creation Station: Putting Together KPIs
Creating KPIs in a legal department pivots largely on how the department implements information governance procedures, such as properly classifying data. But implementing these procedures, Craig noted, is not a quick or automated task.
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23 hours ago by JordanFurlong
Questions to ask as a new designer on the team (Facebook Design)
Jason Cashdollar даёт советы новому члену продуктовой команды о том, какие первые вопросы задавать, чтобы разобраться в продукте.
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yesterday by jvetrau
LatencyUtils by giltene
The LatencyUtils package includes useful utilities for tracking latencies. Especially in common in-process recording scenarios, which can exhibit significant coordinated omission sensitivity without proper handling.
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yesterday by wjy
Alum Neda Nobari, Formerly of Bebe Stores, to Speak at SF State Commencement
SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER -- Nobari, who is also an alumnus, was the former director and vice chair of Bebe Stores between 1985 and 2006. She is scheduled to be the commencement speaker for SF State’s class of 2017 graduation at AT&T Park next month.

Nobari is a philanthropist who donated $5 million last year for SF State to create a Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies. She also sits on the SF State University Foundation’s Board of Directors.

“Neda’s journey as a teenager from Iran to California, and later to a successful career in the private sector, is an inspiring story for our graduates,” SF State President Les Wong said in a statement announcing her May 25 commencement speech.

“Her background and her work on social justice initiatives are great examples of the possibilities of a higher education,” Wong said.
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yesterday by sfstatelca
No more digital bullshit please —
Comment évaluer l'efficacité d'un service au public
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yesterday by gui11aume
/r/subreddit_stats metrics (Subreddit Stats)
subreddit ranks

Perl: 10K subs, rank=5494
Java: 66K subs, rank=1,055
Python: 163K subs, rank=410
Javascript: 106K subs, rank=654
php: 48K, rank=1436
Ruby: 34K subs, rank=1983
Groovy: 1.6K subs, rank=18,761
Scala: 13K subs, rank=4507
Clojure: 11K subs, rank=4967
Puppet: 2.7K subs, rank=13654
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2 days ago by bharrison
Container Performance Analysis
ESP. slide 23 (analysis in 60 seconds) <- PRINT THIS OUT

hmm, atlas uses Intel Snap too, might be something to consider
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2 days ago by jessedavis

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