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Innovation to evidence the museum | Dexibit
- Visitorship, depending on the museum’s funding structure and remit, including targets to even seasonal spread, increase repeat locals, improve tourist share or achieve demographic diversity
- Engagement, reflected onsite and online, articulated as a conversion funnel to from reach to admission, activation, revenue and retention
- Performance, evaluating the key levers of the museum business model, such as Average Revenue Per Visitor (ARPV), Average Admission Per Visitor (AAPV) and Average Upsell Per Visitor (AUPV) – together with OPEX per visit, sometimes expressed as Net Value Per Visitor (NVPV); or together with repeat visit rate, as Annual Visitor Value (AVV) or Lifetime Visitor Value (LVV) for locals or members
- Satisfaction, taken from visitor surveys, Net Promoter Score (NPS), social media (such as Trip Advisor, Facebook or Google reviews) or a combination (note the concept of ‘satisfaction’ may need to be carefully revisited if exhibitions deal with a challenging topic matter)
- Evaluation motivations and educational outcomes, expressed in both quantitative and qualitative terms
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yesterday by stacker
Measure the Future: Measuring Attention in Library Spaces
Imagine having a Google-Analytics-style dashboard for your library building: number of visits, what patrons browsed, what parts of the library were busy during which parts of the day, and more. Measure the Future is working to make that happen by using open-hardware based sensors that can collect data about building usage that is now invisible. Making these invisible occurrences explicit will allow librarians to make strategic decisions that create more efficient and effective experiences for their patrons.

Our goal is to enable libraries and librarians to make the tools that measure the future of the library as physical space. We are going to build open tools using open hardware and open source software, and then provide open tutorials so that libraries everywhere can build the tools for themselves.
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3 days ago by Psammead
Professor Cherny Discusses the Post-Earthquake Rebuilding in San Francisco
HISTORY -- When the Great Earthquake hit on April 18, 1906, San Francisco was already a thriving business center.“The most powerful corporations in the West all had their headquarters in San Francisco,” says Robert W. Cherny, a History professor emeritus at San Francisco State University and co-author of San Francisco, 1865 – 1932. “San Francisco was really the economic and cultural center of much of the Western United States.”

The fire came just a year after the city had commissioned an architect to design a new municipal plan. That architect, Daniel Burnham, came up with a design to reorganize the city’s streets to make them more scenic, Cherny says. But after the earthquake, San Francisco feared that the plan would take too long to implement alongside its necessary recovery efforts. After all, Los Angeles was growing rapidly, threatening to overtake San Francisco in importance.

“In the end, the demand to rebuild quickly took precedence over the demand for, essentially, beautification,” he says. “And so in their haste to rebuild, they simply scrapped that plan and instead pretty much rebuilt all the streets where the streets had been before, and rebuilt much of the downtown in the same place it had been before.”
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3 days ago by sfstatelca
Professor Andrei Tsygankov Discusses Russia's Military Exercises Near NATO States
PBS NEWS HOUR -- “NATO now is after Russia’s regime change, and, therefore, we have to defend ourselves,” says Andrei Tsygankov, a Russian politics professor at San Francisco State University. “So it is a defensive exercise. But really it is not just really about military deterrence. It’s about political survival as well.”

Tsygankov echoes the Russian establishment when he says NATO’s support of revolutions in previously Soviet states and satellites and NATO’s expansion to Russia’s borders convince Russia NATO’s an existential threat, and Zapad provides necessary deterrence.

“NATO is not merely a military alliance. It’s a civilizational clash,” Tsygankov says. “And NATO is the military outpost of the Western civilization, and, therefore, it’s just a tool to ultimately change regimes around Russia.”
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4 days ago by sfstatelca
The "Average Page" is a myth -
Except, what is an "average page", exactly? Intuitively, it is a page that is representative of the web at large, in its payload size, distribution of bytes between different content types, etc. More technically, it is a measure of central tendency of the underlying distribution - e.g. for a normal distribution the average is the central peak, with 50% values greater and 50% values smaller than its value. Which, of course, begs the question: what is the shape and type of the distribution for transferred bytes and does it match this model? Let's plot the histogram and the CDF plots...
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5 days ago by rmohns
Alum Bethany Herron Named Managing Director of Crowded Fire Theater
AMERICAN THEATRE -- “This is a hugely important moment for the organization,” said board president Emily Rosenthal in a statement. “Bethany brings a host of unique experiences to the position. As a local candidate, she is knowledgeable about Bay Area theatre, and in particular brings significant fundraising skills. Most importantly, Bethany’s appreciation for Crowded Fire’s strengths and her ability to analyze and envision areas for growth are in line with our recently adopted strategic plan. We couldn’t be happier to have Bethany join our organization.”

Prior to working for American Conservatory Theater, Herron served as the institutional grants manager at Berkeley Repertory Theatre. She also oversaw comprehensive marketing and fundraising campaigns at Environmental Traveling Companions, and managed the accounting for a small East Bay publishing house. Herron studied theatre and English literature at San Francisco State University.
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5 days ago by sfstatelca

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