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Professor Mabalon's Children's Book to Explore Forgotten Activist Behind Grape Strike
ATLAS OBSCURA -- Romasanta, who had written the children’s book “Beautiful Eyes,” called up Dawn Mabalon, a historian, San Francisco State University professor, and old friend, who happened to be working on a biography of Itliong. “So I approached her and said, ‘Hey, listen: We’ve got to write [a] children’s book.”

For Mabalon, her proposal was serendipitous.

“I was really frustrated because I couldn’t find the time, the resources, to finish my scholarly biography [of Itliong],” she says. “Meanwhile, we were cognizant of how absent Filipino American history was in K – 12 schools.”

In her 2013 book “Little Manila Is in the Heart,” Mabalon wrote about the Filipino story on the United States’ West Coast, particularly about the “struggle to make communities, build families amidst just virulent racism and violence, laws that barred them from citizenship and marrying white women,” she says. It was only through this research that she began to learn much more about Larry Itliong’s story.
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SaaS Public Company Reporting Metrics
Through the KBCM Technology Group’s annual Private SaaS Company Survey, our team has collected SaaS (software as a service) business performance benchmarking information for participating private companies. Through the work we’ve done with our SaaS IPO clients, we have also compiled a comprehensive database of publicly reported SaaS metrics. The data assembled here is the only publicly available information for some of the most successful SaaS businesses in the world.

With an easy-to-reference table (see below), we’ve helped make sense of a variety of SaaS approaches by capturing key metrics, including definitions from the companies, our interpretation of the definitions, and the value stated by each company at the time of IPO. Some focus on customer count, while others reflect changes in dollar value of recurring revenue (ARR or GAAP) from existing customers. Some report gross churn, reflecting only the lost business, while others report net retention/expansion, offsetting losses with the benefit of upsells and expansions.
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3 days ago by activescott
DS4OPS/S4 - Math I - Descriptive Statistics.ipynb at master · HeinrichHartmann/DS4OPS
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
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Alum Pam Dorr's Plan to Solve Bay Area Housing Problem: 10,000 Tiny, Backyard Homes
SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS -- What do these two places have in common: Hale County, Alabama, one of the nation’s poorest communities, and Silicon Valley, one of the nation’s richest?

People can’t afford homes in either place, says Pam Dorr, director of affordable housing at Menlo Park-based nonprofit Soup.

That’s why after spending 15 years helping to produce affordable homes in Hale County, Dorr is bringing the lessons she learned in rural Alabama to the Bay Area, eager to try her hand at solving the region’s housing woes. Her goal is to build 10,000 homes in 10 years, by erecting prefabricated granny flats in backyards or on other unused parcels.

“If we think of each of us as being a partial solution to homelessness, it’s one way we can help,” she says.

Dorr received her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from San Francisco State University.
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Alum Jessica Christian Discusses Her Photojournalism Origins
STORIED SF -- In part 1, San Francisco Chronicle photographer Jessica Christian shared the stories of two homeless men that had two very different endings.

In this episode, Jessica takes us through the early days of her career as a photojournalist, through protests, riots, and eventually the funeral of Stephon Clark. By her count, since 2013, she has had seven full days when she didn’t have a job or internship.

“When I was a student, I interned at the Chronicle, and that was the best experience for me, learning the field,” she says. “I love SF State. Shout out to the Journalism program. They were amazing getting our feet on the ground early. But I feel like I learned a lot more just being at a paper at a young age,” she says.
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5 days ago by sfstatelca
Professor Venise Wagner's Fall on the Ice
STORIED SF -- San Francisco State Associate Professor of Journalism Venise Wagner loves ice skating. When she's not writing books like “Love in the Time of Pinochet” and “Reporting Inequality: Tools and Methods for Covering Race and Ethnicity,” teaching journalism to a new generation or spending time with her friends, family, and her dog, Cici, Venise likes to relieve all the pressures of life at the rink.

In this episode, Venise shares the story of one trip to the ice rink that went a little sideways. After her accident, many things came into perspective for her.
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5 days ago by sfstatelca
Thanks to Alum Denia Perez, Some Non-U.S. Citizens Can Practice Law in Connecticut
NEW HAVEN REGISTER (CONNECTICUT) -- It has been a long journey for Denia Perez.

Brought here by her parents from Mexico when she was 11 months old, not only has she now graduated from law school, she and her law professor mentor Monday secured a rules change that will make it possible for Perez and certain other non-citizens to practice law in the state.

There were many twists and turns as she pursued courses toward a college education when she had saved enough money to do so in California. She graduated from San Francisco State University in 2012 and had a full scholarship to Quinnipiac.

Her parents now have green cards having been sponsored by their eldest son, while her other two brothers are also citizens, leaving her as the only undocumented member of her family.
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Youth in Prison Camp: Their Time in Lens of Alum Brian L. Frank
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- He earned his bachelor’s degree in Journalism from San Francisco State University in 2007, and 10 years later had an assignment from a big national magazine to shoot inmate firefighters. One of the camps he visited turned out to be Pine Grove, the last remaining camp in California that trains juvenile felons to be firefighters. He finished the inmate firefighter story, then returned on his own to the juvenile camp.

“I was really interested in continuing there because I had a connection with the guys and wanted to continue working with them,” he says.
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