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WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum: “Most of startup ideas are absolutely stupid”
Facebook launched it own messenger in 2011. How do you coexist with this product? Do you compete?
— We have different niches, and these messengers are completely different products. Facebook Messenger is linked with Facebook contacts, so it works with friends within the social network. And WhatsApp is focused on the friends from the phone book. They have completely different contact lists, and people communicate via them in different ways. WhatsApp is focused on mobile while Facebook Messenger is concentrated on how to work equally well on the desktop and mobile, and stay the part of Facebook.

— In Russia, as well in some other countries, people buying smartphones want to see WhatsApp installed. But usually pre-installed services annoy people. Why did WhatsApp become such a must? Is that because you were among the first messengers?
— I do not want to seat here with a smart face explaining why it happened. Yes, we were one of the first, and it helped us. But, firstly, we created a unique thing: we built the messenger connected to contacts from a phone book. ICQ, for example, gave you a 7-digits number you had to memorize, write on a paper and tell your friends. It was not very user-friendly, to put it mildly. Using Skype you had to get the username, share this with friends, add each other… The same was with Yahoo! messenger. All of them were not handy.
Secondly, using the messengers which had launched before WhatsApp, people did not know if somebody received the message. But Skype, as well as the computer, could be turned off. We had the different concept from the very beginning: the phone is always with you, in the pocket or on the table as it is in my case now. This insight helped us to build something new, which people across the globe take on.
Finally, we helped people to save a lot of money they would have spent on SMS or MMS. But we did not simply replace SMS, but we built new features, for example, group chat or voice messages. If somebody would have told 20 years ago, that the video calls would become a norm, and we would send each other Geo-location, it would be considered science fiction. But we, humankind, quickly got used to it.
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4 days ago by callumflack
Operational Telegram – the grugq – Medium
Telegram, the encrypted messaging app loved by terrorists, has been in the news lately. Terrorists have long used existing commercial and public communications infrastructure to send commands and plan operations. This is nothing new. What is causing so much distress is that Telegram provides a secret chat feature that is end to end encrypted.
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4 days ago by jchris
Discover Tab - Messenger Platform
Discover is a new section in Messenger where people can browse and find bots, nearby places and businesses to message. As a developer, Discover allows you to showcase your messaging experience to the more than 1.2 billion people who use Messenger each month.
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8 days ago by paulbradshaw
Telegram's New Audio Messaging Feature Blocked in Iran
"Iran has blocked access to a new free voice-messaging feature from the popular messaging app Telegram, just days after it was released in the country.

Telegram completed rolling out its free encrypted voice calls to users globally last week. But in a statement on April 17, the company said mobile operators and home internet providers had begun blocking the new feature the previous day.

'We did not receive any communications regarding the reasons, so we have no idea what could stand behind the decision,' Telegram said in the statement. 'However, the fact that other voice over internet protocol providers in the country are still operating normally clearly suggests that this move is targeting Telegram specifically.'" - Nour Al Ali and Golnar Motevalli, Bloomberg
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10 days ago by dmcdev

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