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4 Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategies You Should Try
Right now, there are more than 1.3 billion Facebook Messenger users.
facebook  messenger  marketing-tips 
2 days ago by Adventure_Web
Disa - Android multi-service IM client
Not open source. Unclear what exactly services they support - apparently Facebook, Whatsapp and Telegram (there's no FAQ about that).

Get the APK at

No iOS app yet, since 2015
Whatsapp  alternative  messenger  IM  client  Android 
6 days ago by dandv
Apple Music on Facebook Messenger || Discover and share new Music via the Apple Music bot || || Bots, Facebook Messenger, Music, Apple
ProductHunt  Bots  Facebook  Messenger  Music  Apple 
14 days ago by 1luke2
Wallet Genius Messenger
Wallet Genius || A bot that teaches you how to invest in cryptocurrency || || Bots, Cryptocurrencies, Fintech, Investing, Facebook Messenger
ProductHunt  Bots  Cryptocurrencies  Fintech  Investing  Facebook  Messenger 
15 days ago by 1luke2

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