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I recommended “How We Moved Towards Serverless Architecture” on @Medium
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30 of the Latest and Greatest Data Storytelling Tools
At our fingertips today we have tremendously powerful processing devices. via Pocket
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5 days ago by scottpierce
How to run an efficient and effective All Hands meeting
I recommended “How to run an efficient and effective All Hands meeting” on @Medium
6 days ago by agibralter
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Move fast and migrate things: how we automated migrations in Postgres
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6 days ago by krzemienski
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At Benchling, we’re building a platform to help scientists do research. Hundreds of thousands of scientists across academia and enterprise clients use Benchling to store and analyze scientific data, assemble DNA sequences, and design experiments.
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Device and Account Security Checklist 2.0 – @boblord – Medium
I recommended “Device and Account Security Checklist 2.0” on @Medium
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I recommended “Your “no-code” break into tech” on @Medium
7 days ago by stantont

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