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Opinion | No, A.I. Won’t Solve the Fake News Problem - The New York Times
Existing A.I. systems that have been built to comprehend news accounts are extremely limited. Such a system might be able to look at the passage from the WND article and answer a question whose answer is given directly and explicitly in the story (e.g., “Does the Boy Scouts organization accept people who identify as gay and lesbian?”). But such systems rarely go much further, lacking a robust mechanism for drawing inferences or a way of connecting to a body of broader knowledge. As Eduardo Ariño de la Rubia, a data scientist at Facebook, told us, for now “A.I. cannot fundamentally tell what’s true or false — this is a skill much better suited to humans.”

To get to where Mr. Zuckerberg wants to go will require the development of a fundamentally new A.I. paradigm, one in which the goal is not to detect statistical trends but to uncover ideas and the relations between them. Only then will such promises about A.I. become reality, rather than science fiction.
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Guy-Blache: The untold story of first female film director - BBC News
Hollywood actress Jodie Foster has narrated a documentary paying tribute to Alice Guy-Blache who is credited with being the world’s first female film director.

Blache made her first movie in 1896 and was subsequently involved in the production of some 1,000 films from shorts to features.
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9 hours ago by msszczep
My perfect 2018 media server — Part 2: Some improvements
In the first case, you have to go to Services -> SnapRAID. Under “Settings” tab, there will be a section called “Diff Script Settings”: The value you are looking for here is “Scrub Frequency”. This…
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19 hours ago by morwyn
Exclusivo: Investigação revela como blog defendia Dilma com rede de fakes em 2010 - BBC News Brasil
Blog e seus perfis no Orkut e no Twitter pró-Dilma eram administrados por quatro pessoas que teriam recebido, para tanto, de R$ 3,5 mil a R$ 4 mil mensais entre maio e outubro de 2010. A BBC Brasil entrevistou sob a condição de anonimato três dessas quatro pessoas, que dizem ter sido recrutadas sem contrato formal por uma empresa de marketing político baseada em São Paulo para levar isso a cabo.
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As Khashoggi crisis grows, Saudi king asserts authority, checks son's power: sources | Article [AMP] | Reuters
Initially the king, who has handed the day-to-day running of Saudi Arabia to his son, commonly known as MbS, was unaware of the extent of the crisis, according to two of the sources with knowledge of the Saudi royal court. That was partly because MbS aides had been directing the king to glowing news about the country on Saudi TV channels, the sources said.

"Even if MbS wanted to keep this away from the king he couldn't because the story about Khashoggi's disappearance was on all the Arab and Saudi TV channels watched by the king," one of the five sources said.

"The king started asking aides and MbS about it. MbS had to tell him and asked him to intervene when Khashoggi’s case became a global crisis," this source said.
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