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State of Social 2019 | Buffer
Brands are riding the organic stories wave. Stories ads are the next frontier. The Stories format has taken the social media industry by storm, and data suggests that more than one billion accounts now use stories globally on Facebook-owned properties.
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6 hours ago by williger
On Repeat: How to Use Loops to Explain Anything — ProPublica
From animated gifs to looping interactives, we're seeing more and more ways of presenting ideas, explaining processes, and just capturing small moments in…
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8 hours ago by Kjaleshire
Marketers Rejoice -- Twitter Has Just Released the 2019 Event Calendar!
Just when we thought the season of giving was over, Twitter pulls through for us. The Twitter Marketing Calendar is a downloadable document that shares the most anticipated events that will unfold on the platform this year, so that marketers can plan around those that are relevant.
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8 hours ago by williger
The Beat of Your Own Drummer (Artist CEO 1.8)
After performing in a play and running her business at the same time, Shannon is having some trouble getting back into the hustle. So much so, that she’s thinking about throwing in the towel on the whole thing.
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8 hours ago by williger
Google Reveals Internal SEO Strategy: Here’s What We Learned
It’s no secret that Google plays a huge role in your marketing strategy. But have you ever thought about how Google approaches SEO? How do they set their own websites up for success?
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9 hours ago by williger
Hedge - Backup software for filmmakers
"Built for media Offload media lightning fast, whether it's video, stills or audio. Make your life easy and let Hedge do the tedious jobs."
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10 hours ago by doglord

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