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REDEF MusicSET: SoundCloudy Future | REDEF
MUSICSET SoundCloudy Future Is any music streaming service as beloved as SoundCloud is? So why is the revolutionary service in trouble? And what can be done about it, why does it matter and why does everyone love it so much in the first place? via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  soundcloud  streaming  music  online  strategy  decline  business  media 
yesterday by jburkunk
Amazon's Whole Foods Strategy: It's Not What You Think
“We will see a renaissance in physical space and a new paradigm for online shopping that merges intelligent technologies, hyper-personalization, and seamless cross-channel engagement,” Solis says.
briansolis  Brian  Solis  Press  Media  Publicity  Amazon  Whole+Foods 
yesterday by briansolis
Z Capital eyes future of sports wagers with DRF deal
"Zenni said Z Capital can improve the publication’s digital footprint and better engage consumers, while using the online betting platform to possibly expand into other sports if such wagers are legalized. Betting on horse racing is considered different from gambling on sports like football and basketball, and is legal in more places."
horseracing  media  daily-racing-form 
yesterday by jnchapel

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