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„Es ist nicht meine Aufgabe, politische Seelen zu streicheln“: Marietta Slomka über Talks mit Dobrindt, Lindner & Co. › Meedia
Im Medienjournalismus gibt es einen neuen Begriff: „geslomkat“. Davon ist immer dann die Rede, wenn Marietta Slomka im „heute journal“ mal wieder auf die ihr eigene Art einen Politiker hart, bohrend und zugleich lächelnd befragt. Im MEEDIA-Interview erklärt die Moderatorin, warum ihr Formulierungen wie „Grillen“ oder „Festnageln“ nicht gefallen, wie sich vorbereitet und warum sie weder bei Facebook noch bei Twitter aktiv ist.
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3 hours ago by jchris
Watch JoyAnn Reid Not Allow Trump Stan Derail Panel
Via Jemelle Hill: I’m starting to think “what we not gone do” is the new “on everything I love.” Because nothing good happens after either phrase is uttered. Exhibit A: (shithole comment)
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5 hours ago by yolandaenoch
How To Trump The Media
Don't truckle to them. Reduce their social status.
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6 hours ago by chrischantrill
Trump Hands Out ‘Fake News Awards,’ Sans the Red Carpet
President Trump made good on his promise to honor the media’s “most corrupt & biased,” delivering his awards in a blog post.
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8 hours ago by mjb
THIS → Social media is keeping us stuck in the moment
Modern media was changing our relationship to time. It gave us “an obsession with the immediate… a criticism of the moment at the moment,” Innis argued, quoting Henry James. News media’s message, in the McLuhan-esque sense, was to stop paying attention to the past; hell, to stop paying attention to last week, or even yesterday. It was a format that “inevitably shrinks time down to the present, to a one-day world of the immediate and the transitory.” It made us creatures of “present-mindedness.”

A culture that is stuck in the present is one that can’t solve big problems. If you want to plan for the future, if you want to handle big social and political challenges, you have to decouple yourself from day-to-day crises, to look back at history, to learn from it, to see trendlines. You have to be usefully detached from the moment.

What Innis feared—as his biographer Alexander John Watson puts it—is that “our culture was becoming so saturated with new instantaneous media that there was no longer a hinterland to which refugee intellectuals could retreat to develop a new paradigm that would allow us to tackle the new problems we are facing.”
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8 hours ago by emmacarlson
American views: Trust, media and democracy
Technological advances have made it easier for Americans to connect with each other and to find information, including details about the major issues facing the country. But those advances present both challenges and opportunities for individuals and U.S. institutions.
Not only is more information readily available, but so is more misinformation, and many consumers may not be able to easily discern the difference between the two.
Amid the changing informational landscape, media trust in the U.S. has been eroding, making it harder for the news media to fulfill their democratic responsibilities of informing the public and holding government leaders accountable.
Results of the 2017 Gallup/Knight Foundation Survey on Trust, Media and Democracy show that most Americans believe it is now harder to be well-informed and to determine which news is accurate. They increasingly perceive the media as biased and struggle to identify objective news sources. They believe the media continue to have a critical role in our democracy but are not very positive about how the media are fulfilling that role.
The research reported here is based on a nationally representative mail survey of more than 19,000 U.S. adults aged 18 and older. This project received support from theJohn S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Bill & Melinda GatesFoundation and Open Society Foundations.
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