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The Twitch streamers who spend years broadcasting to no one - The Verge
> Some parents note that their children pretend to unbox toys to a nonexistent audience
games  streaming  video  twitch  culture  media 
yesterday by nsfmc
Trump Isn’t Sounding Like a Russian Mole - The American Interest
America needs an intellectually solvent and emotionally stable press to give this president the skeptical and searching scrutiny that he needs. What we are getting instead is something much worse for the health of the republic: a blind instinctive rage that lashes out without wounding, that injures its own credibility more than its target, that discredits the press at just the moment where its contributions are most needed.
trump  russia  media 
yesterday by astrogirl
Lists made social - Listly
Top 10 lists authored by the Listly community of bloggers and publishers. Make cool lists and fun listicles on Listly, share them on Facebook and Twitter, and embed them on your blog or website.
social  media  content  list 
yesterday by kpieper876
Pattern89 - Making Paid Social Better through Data Science
Accelerate your exploration of social ad channels, increase speed from experiments to results and get the coaching you need to meet your marketing goals.
social  media  campaign  advertising  automation 
yesterday by kpieper876
Why Some of Instagram's Biggest Memers Are Locking Their Accounts - The Atlantic
while followers may hate it, going private is a new way for professional and semi-professional Instagrammers to stay afloat in a crowded market on an increasingly volatile platform.

Going private on Instagram means only people who follow you can see and share your content. If a friend drops a link to a funny meme from a private page into a group chat, only those who already follow the page will be able to see it. So, the thinking goes, anyone who wants to see it and can’t will smash the follow button.

“People go private because they get more followers when a follower sends a post to their friends and that person has to follow the account in order to see. It’s that simple,” says Jack Wagner, a Los Angeles–based director who has run several meme accounts. “It’s just a weird technique somebody noticed one day and now lots of people do it.”
instagram  promozione  social  media  network  spunti 
yesterday by nicoladagostino
dropzonejs |
great working solution - flickr style image upload on Drupal 8
upload  module  web  dev  cms  computing  drupal  drupal8  8  photography  photo  image  media  several  multiple  batch 
yesterday by therobyouknow

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