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Google Clarifies: Mobile-First Indexing vs. Mobile Usability
Google’s John Mueller clarified a key difference between mobile usability and mobile-first indexing that may come as a surprise to Google Seach Console users.
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3 hours ago by williger
4 Things We Can Expect in Twitter's Beta App
When exactly was the last time Twitter made a major design/feature update to the platform? Maybe a year ago?
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5 hours ago by williger
What The New York Times gets wrong about the abortion debate
“A Woman’s Rights,” a series of eight editorials published over the last month, almost completely ignores the nuanced and often intelligent debates between opposing sides that have taken place for nearly five decades about every topic raised by the editorial board of The Times. It rather suggests that the calculus is just so obvious: Respecting unborn human life enough to discourage or restrict abortion is manifestly anti-woman. Consequently, notwithstanding its film-noir photos, dramatic headlines and portentous title, the series is pretty much a nothingburger. The best way to unpack this is to consider first what the series does and then what it fails to do.Regarding what it does, the series focuses in on cases it occasionally admits are “rare,” in order to stoke fear about laws that would protect prenatal human life. It considers, for example, women who are kept alive on machinery until their child is born (“Can a Corpse Give Birth?”), a woman charged with abusing corpses when she put her stillborn twins into a suitcase and threw them beside a road (“When Prosecutors Jail a Mother for a Miscarriage”) and women charged with crimes for exposing their unborn children to illegal drugs or for trying to kill themselves and their unborn child simultaneously (“The Feticide Playbook, Explained”).
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8 hours ago by thomas.kochi
31 Best Parallax Websites To Inspire You in 2019
Parallax scrolling, one of the hottest trends in web design right now, is something you probably don’t even realize you have already experienced. The amazing thing is that it is triggered by a visitor simply scrolling through a website.
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8 hours ago by williger
Gillette Ad Is Not Wrong — It Sneakily Conveys a Conservative Message | National Review
Gillette’s ad has been savagely received on the right, but its message is more conservative than critics acknowledge.
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10 hours ago by Kjaleshire

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