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The Media Bubble is Real — And Worse Than You Think - POLITICO Magazine
This isn’t just a shift in medium. It’s also a shift in sociopolitics, and a radical one. Where newspaper jobs are spread nationwide, internet jobs are not: Today, 73 percent of all internet publishing jobs are concentrated in either the Boston-New York-Washington-Richmond corridor or the West Coast crescent that runs from Seattle to San Diego and on to Phoenix. The Chicagoland area, a traditional media center, captures 5 percent of the jobs, with a paltry 22 percent going to the rest of the country


take it the way a social scientist would take it: The people who report, edit, produce and publish news can’t help being affected—deeply affected—by the environment around them

. Journalists respond to their failings best when their vanity is punctured with proof that they blew a story that was right in front of them. If the burning humiliation of missing the biggest political story in a generation won’t change newsrooms, nothing will. More than anything, journalists hate getting beat.
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Masters of Scales - WaitWhat
Masters of Scale is an original podcast hosted by LinkedIn Co-Founder and Greylock Partner Reid Hoffman showing how companies grow from zero to a gazillion. The series unfolds like a music-infused detective story as Hoffman tests his theories with
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What the Press Still Doesn’t Get About Trump - POLITICO Magazine
He’s not unprecedented. He’s not going to change. And 11 other lessons the media still haven’t learned about the president.
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Democrats Would Eat Live Kittens If Rachel Maddow Told Them To
The only reason these gibbering bedlamites don’t believe that Elvis is running a pedophile sex trafficking ring out of a UFO is because Rachel Maddow hasn’t told them so yet. That is literally the only reason. Their critical thinking skills are so dead and their willingness to swallow every drop of every load of establishment bull spunk right down their throats and lick their lips clean means that they could be made to believe literally any story those horrible manipulators choose to inflict upon them, without a single solitary exception. It is only by sheer dumb coincidence that the people who actually run America happen to benefit from maintaining an illusion of relative normalcy and these lunatics aren’t duct-taping babies to ceiling fans or sacrificing poodles to Cthulhu at the frantic urging of Chris Cuomo.
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Archive of avant-garde video and audio.
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2017 World Press Freedom Index | RSF
The 2017 World Press Freedom Index reflects a world in which attacks on the media have become commonplace and strongmen are on the rise. We have reached the age of post-truth, propaganda, and suppression of freedoms – especially in democracies.
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