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McDonald’s flips fortunes with back to basics approach
- they seem to yo-yo between price/convenience and product innovation. I wish they would bring back drip coffee
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6 days ago by renaissancechambara
Retweet if you remember McDonalds' ill-advised attempt to introduce a new corporate mascot!
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8 days ago by lukeburford
McDonald's Vietnam to open first restaurant in Hanoi | Corporate News, Latest Business
A giant red "coming soon" banner advertising McDonald’s Vietnam can be seen in one of the city’s prime locations facing Hang Khay and Hang Bai streets. The banner has seized the attention and curiosity of local people for the past month now. The French-style building is undergoing renovation for the upcoming opening of the first McDonald’s outlet in Hanoi in the near future.
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15 days ago by noodlepie
McDonald’s Opens in Vietnam, Bringing Big Mac to Fans of Banh Mi - The New York Times
“Sometimes I want to try something different,” she said, before taking a bite of her Whopper hamburger.
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15 days ago by noodlepie
Using Black Celebrities To Push Pop, Pudding And Politics : Code Switch : NPR
Sonari Glinton, a business correspondent at NPR, brought us Burrell's story. He says Burrell changed how advertisers thought about who they could sell to, and who their audiences might buy from. Burrell's agency found that white audiences responded more positively to ads with black actors and celebrities targeted to black people than they did to ads aimed at white consumers. (Make of the implications there what you will.)
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10 weeks ago by yolandaenoch

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