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Consolas font family - Typography | Microsoft Docs
Matlab font: monospaced
Atom font: Consolas (Windows)
matlab  atom  font  fonts  consolas 
5 days ago by ferran
To change Current Folder to the folder of .m File - MATLAB Answers - MATLAB Central
when running entire script:

when running a section:
matlab  function  mathworks 
22 days ago by ferran
ChengtaoLi/CoreDPP: Code for CoreDPP
"Code for CoreDPP, an approximate efficient sampling method of k-DPP."
code  matlab  dpp 
6 weeks ago by arsyed
"Code for our ICML paper "Fast DPP Sampling for Nyström with Application to Kernel Methods""
code  dpp  matlab 
6 weeks ago by arsyed

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