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Electronic Dance Music is not for rebels – it’s for tyrants and drones | The Spectator
Stop the presses! Conservative magazine hates the beep boop!

There's a bit of juice here that shouldn't be ignored, however:
The corrupting influence of money.
Requirement of drugs to enjoy the scene. (aka "making a good time of the terrible time you're really having.")
Emphasis of dj-as-celebrity and not music and scene culture.

Most of these have been cited by Ishkur as toxic influences in EDM 15+ years ago.
I think it's strange that only now other people are noticing.
Perhaps it takes people dying for people to notice.
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5 hours ago by po
How Marketing Automation Will Use AI – Geoff Livingston – Medium
Geoff Livingston's medium article on the use of ai with marketers. Useful for a potential speaking panel gig with AIM in November 2018.
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6 hours ago by leehopkins
Hiring Success Berlin - Speakers | SmartRecruiters
Meet our top-notch speakers on our stages at Hiring Success Europe - Berlin to discuss the future of recruiting. Our speakers include successful founders, talent acquisition leaders, industry analysts and thought leaders, and other recruiting influencers.
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How does your typical customer buy? Learn how you can coordinate your efforts along with your…
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Dashboards are becoming one of the most valuable tools for organizations to gain visibility into how they
are performing as well as help develop ways for increasing overall efficiencies. Whether as part of a larger
business intelligence (BI) solution or as a standalone solution, organizations are looking at dashboards to
help solve their business problems. Unfortunately, the ability to sift through solutions and understand the
nuances of the data visualization industry is not always easy. This report aims to provide an overview of
the data visualization market by identifying what dashboards are, the value they provide, what offerings
are provided by vendors, and the considerations organizations should take into account when looking at
To collect this information, a survey of solution providers was performed to identify industry trends, features
and functionality, positioning, etc. Overall, 26 vendors participated in the survey. These include Dundas
Data Visualization, IBM, InetSoft, Information Builders, Klipfolio, PivotLink, Tableau Software, Visual Mining,
and QlikTech. In addition, industry research and interviews were conducted to provide a broad view of the
data visualization industry and the value dashboards provide to the organization. Vendors were broken out
into categories to help identify the types of solutions they provide. These include analytical, operational,
Microsoft specific, and business performance management. In general, vendors fall into multiple categories.
Twenty-eight percent of vendors provide horizontal solutions to their customers letting them customize
dashboards. The most targeted vertical solution is manufacturing at 32%, with high tech a close second
at 28%. Marketing and operations are the most broadly targeted departments within an organization at
44% and 40% respectively. Sales dashboards come in a close third place with 36% of vendors offering sales
dashboard solutions. Business decision makers are the largest targeted market related to decision
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9 hours ago by fallond

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