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Team Leader Venn Diagram – Making Meetup – Medium
People are not perfect circles! So there’s a high probability that these example bullets don’t map to what any one individual team looks like. A friend of mine likes to say that people are potato shaped — we all have different bumps and divots, and it’s important to understand what your shape is, and how that works alongside the other humans representing these roles.
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5 hours ago by lendamico
The Vibes Theory of Organisational Design – The Tuning Fork – Medium
The bigger the group, the more rules they need. Can we do better than written agreements?
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5 hours ago by lendamico
Team Health Monitors and Why Your Startup Needs a Check-up | First Round Review
8 attributes of successful teams:
Full-time owner
Balanced team
Shared understanding
Value and metrics
Proof of concept
Managed dependencies

And suggestion on how to conduct a 'healthcheck' for these things (somewhat like a retro)
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5 hours ago by pfctdayelise

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