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Master List of Data Broker Opt-Out Links - is the central source for consumers to learn what kinds of information data brokers have about them and how to exercise opt-out choices.
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3 hours ago by bradbarrish
How to set OKRs in 6 steps – Illuminated – Medium
In this article, I will set out how our business sets goals and how these filter down to the individual. I’ll also outline the feedback loop we use to ensure we’re capturing feedback and objective proposals from the individual at the company level.
OKR  design  management 
5 hours ago by seralat
Copying ideas is highly underrated - Inverted Passion (Paras Chopra)
Copying is wonderful because it gives you evidence and clues for a solution to the startup multi variable equation exists. It allows you to let other entrepreneurs make mistakes in solving the equation and save you time and effort.
Startups  business  management 
6 hours ago by mfernando
Organizational Debt
We all know that classic aphorism: Year comes to an end, Rust blog post press send. This is mine.
There are lots of cool technical improvements to Rust that I want the project to achieve this year, and a few in particular that I’m definitely going to be putting a lot of time into. But this blog post is going to talk about none of them. Instead, I want to talk about organizational debt, and how badly the Rust project needs to deal with it in 2019.
***  entrepreneurship  management  rust  buildingABusiness  hnish  IFTTT  programming  scaling  Twitter 
17 hours ago by xer0x
kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api: Home for the Cluster Management API work, a subproject of sig-cluster-lifecycle
The Cluster API is a Kubernetes project to bring declarative, Kubernetes-style APIs to cluster creation, configuration, and management.
cluster-api  api  cluster  management  kubernetes  k8s 
19 hours ago by slmingol

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