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Close the loop – Signal v. Noise
We seem to think leadership is about making the complex decision. As captain of the ship, you survey the seas — what your board is telling you, what your customers are telling you, what the market is…
21 hours ago by vitriolix
What is the Emergency feature and how to use it?
Have you ever needed someone to access one of your accounts but you weren’t there to give them the login and password? This happens to...
bestpractices  passwords  management  hellyeahshow  dashlane 
yesterday by emory
All I have done wrong running a product team
Two years ago I had an opportunity to shift my career towards product management. It took me a while to accept the job, it was no easy decision. I needed to be ready for leading people who were doing a job I had never done before, I needed to take product decisions. via Pocket
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yesterday by lfcipriani

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