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Running in Circles – Signal v. Noise
This bit really leapt out at me:
Designers and developers can’t make progress if people constantly pull at their attention. It doesn’t matter if support finds a bug or sales needs a new feature. Allocating resources means dedicating resources. Whoever allocates the time and money to build a feature must also protect the team so they can do what was asked. It takes a mandate from above to secure the team’s time and attention. The team is doing this and only this during the cycle.
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Development and Deployment: The Human Perspective – Boris Adryan – Medium
Large organisation don’t know if or how to eat the elephant. Unless companies are already to a large degree digital, they often have a natural fear of uncontrollable complexity. The thinking goes like this: Yes, we would like to do IoT. But to do IoT, you need to be in the cloud. The cloud means that you do big data. For big data, you need to hire those expensive data scientists, and in order to afford those, you need to have an IoT strategy in place. While this thinking is, of course, nonsense, it plays into the hands of those who do not want to implement a digital strategy. At the same time, the same thinking allows proponents of a particular hype (big data, cloud, data analytics) to push their agenda: Because you need cloud first, no? However, budgets are typically limited, and ultimately, this circular thinking hinders the implementation of the small, pragmatic solutions that are really needed.
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A côté des activités classiques de , les sociétés de service aux artistes se développent à l…
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