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Comparison of the best NSFW Image Moderation APIs 2018
The author tested several commercially available models for detecting porn. BUT, tiny sample size.
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6 hours ago by mcherm
Easy-To-Read Summary of Important AI Research Papers of 2018
we’ve summarized 10 important AI research papers from 2018 to give you a broad overview of machine learning advancements this year. There are many more breakthrough papers worth reading as well, but we think this is a good list for you to start with.
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15 hours ago by activescott
[1811.12560] An Introduction to Deep Reinforcement Learning

@VinFL: Excited to share a quite extensive introduction to deep reinforcement learning! With @astro_pyotr @riashatislam @marcgbellemare and Joelle Pineau, we hope it will be useful to the community. Print version available at #NeurIPS!
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yesterday by azadag

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