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Upgrading to High Sierra caused the Times font ... | Official Apple Support Communities
Explains why bold no longer appears bold in Helvetica in Microsoft Word 2011 Mac on OSX 10.13 High Sierra. Frustrating, as I'd hoped to milk another few months at least out of Office:Mac 2011 even though it's been unsupported since Oct. 2017.
microsoft  msword  office  software  mac  osx  apple  fonts 
18 days ago by edj
Emacs Bindings for Word for Mac
How to enable Emacs shortcuts in MS Word for Mac
mac  msword  keyboard 
8 weeks ago by dirtpupfc
How can I include only part of an image caption in a table of figures in Microsoft Word? - Super User
How can I include only part of an image caption in a table of figures in Microsoft Word?

msword  word  captions  images  tableofcontents  magic 
october 2017 by sspela
Word Document Batch Processes
can this batch change headers footers in EntreArchitect templates?
MSword  Word  batch  productivity 
september 2017 by Dexxx

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