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Caret with Yeo Johnson method normal normalization
*Is there a way I can find out which variables it preprocessed rather than going to individual variables to see what occurred?

How can i find out which power it used for Yeo Johnson transformation for each variable?**
A: Max's answer -
If you are using the preprocessing inside of train, you can access the preProcess object:

mod <- train(Sepal.Width ~ ., data = iris, method = "lm", preProc = c("center", "scale", "YeoJohnson"))
Created from 150 samples and 5 variables


centered (5)
ignored (0)
scaled (5)
Yeo-Johnson transformation (3)

Lambda estimates for Yeo-Johnson transformation:
-0.32, 1.09, 0.84

You can get the specific variables using:

[1] "Sepal.Length" "Petal.Length" "Petal.Width" "Speciesversicolor" "Speciesvirginica"

[1] "Sepal.Length" "Petal.Length" "Petal.Width" "Speciesversicolor" "Speciesvirginica"

[1] "Sepal.Length" "Petal.Length" "Petal.Width"


There are objects for each preprocessing operation too. For example:

Estimated transformation parameters

Estimated transformation parameters

Estimated transformation parameters
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Monte Carlo tree search - Wikipedia
A heuristic search algorithm for some kinds of decision processes, most notably those employed in game play. Works well for non-deterministic games. Reminds me a bit of one-armed bandit optimization, in that it balances explore/exploit strategies down the decision tree. Uses UCB1 applied to trees.
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ConceptNet Numberbatch 17.04: better, less-stereotyped word vectors – ConceptNet blog
Systematically removing inappropriate bias from machine-learned semantics/word vectors.
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