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We enable the next generation of therapeutic devices, clinical services, and disease-modifying therapeutic drugs for patients with neurological disease.
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3 days ago by shalmaneser
The Case for Learned Index Structures
'Indexes are models: a B-Tree-Index can be seen as a model to map a key to the position of a record within a sorted array, a Hash-Index as a model to map a key to a position of a record within an unsorted array, and a BitMap-Index as a model to indicate if a data record exists or not. In this exploratory research paper, we start from this premise and posit that all existing index structures can be replaced with other types of models, including deep-learning models, which we term learned indexes. The key idea is that a model can learn the sort order or structure of lookup keys and use this signal to effectively predict the position or existence of records. We theoretically analyze under which conditions learned indexes outperform traditional index structures and describe the main challenges in designing learned index structures. Our initial results show, that by using neural nets we are able to outperform cache-optimized B-Trees by up to 70% in speed while saving an order-of-magnitude in memory over several real-world data sets. More importantly though, we believe that the idea of replacing core components of a data management system through learned models has far reaching implications for future systems designs and that this work just provides a glimpse of what might be possible.'

Excellent follow-up thread from Henry Robinson:

'The fact that the learned representation is more compact is very neat. But also it's not really a surprise that, given the entire dataset, we can construct a more compact function than a B-tree which is *designed* to support efficient updates.' [...] 'given that the model performs best when trained on the whole data set - I strongly doubt B-trees are the best we can do with the current state-of-the art.'
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3 days ago by jm
Scooped by AI » Nieman Journalism Lab
already happening:

ProPublica’s Jeremy Merrill used machine learning to detect the issues uniquely important to each member of Congress.
BuzzFeed News’s Peter Aldhous, Christian Stork, and Charles Seife used machine learning to identify surveillance aircraft run by the U.S. Marshals and military contractors.
The Atlantic’s Andrew McGill used machine learning to figure out whether Donald Trump is writing his own tweets.
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3 days ago by paulbradshaw
Natural Language Processing in the kitchen - Data Desk - Los Angeles Times
We had a pile of a couple thou­sand re­cords – news stor­ies, columns and more – and each re­cord con­tained one or more re­cipes. We needed to do the fol­low­ing:

Sep­ar­ate the re­cipes from the rest of the story, while keep­ing the story in­tact for dis­play along­side the re­cipe later.
De­term­ine how many re­cipes there were – more than one in many cases, and counts up to a dozen wer­en’t par­tic­u­larly un­usu­al.
For each re­cipe, find the name, in­gredi­ents, steps, prep time, servings, nu­tri­tion and more.
Load these in­to a data­base, pre­serving the re­la­tion­ships between the re­cipes that ran to­geth­er in the news­pa­per.
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3 days ago by paulbradshaw
How we reported this story - LA Times
The computer program pulled crime data from the previous Times review to learn key words that identified an assault as serious or minor. The algorithm then analyzed nearly eight years of data in search of classification errors.
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3 days ago by paulbradshaw
Using machine learning to extract quotes from text | Reveal
This is mine: the citizen-quotes project, an app that uses simple machine learning techniques to extract more than 40,000 quotes from every article that ran on The Bay Citizen since it launched in 2010. The goal was to build something that accounts for the limitations of the traditional method of solving quote extraction – regular expressions and pattern matching. And sure enough, it does a pretty good job.
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3 days ago by paulbradshaw
AJC News Apps
But as time passes during a session, our old model becomes less and less useful, as the graph below shows2. Unlike the last chart, this shows how the model fares when you ask how good the forecasts were on any given day during a legislative session–in real time. As bills pass and leave the real-time pool of bills or run out of time towards the end of the session, the model falls out of whack.
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3 days ago by paulbradshaw
Brown signs dozens of bills previously vetoed by Schwarzenegger | California Watch
The California Watch analysis identified the bills based on the similarity of their text, not bill titles or sponsors, which often change between sessions. Multiple bills that were consolidated into one or those that changed dramatically since the last session may not have appeared in the analysis.
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3 days ago by paulbradshaw

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