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The 50 best pubs in London | London Evening Standard
It’s taken some doing, gallons of pints – but we’ve made it: our second year naming 50 favourite pubs in London.  We adore pubs for all the life that happens in them: the wind down after work, the ill-advised Friday lunches, the long Saturday afternoons, the lazy Sunday recovery. They are not mausoleums but museums, always collecting stories, often prompting them. This is how
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Revealed: the areas in the UK with one Airbnb for every four homes | Technology | The Guardian
Airbnb has become so prevalent in Great Britain that some parts of the country now have one listing for every four properties, prompting concern that the rapid expansion in short-term lets is “out of control” and depriving communities of much-needed homes.
Airbnb  housing  property  Edinburgh  Skye  London  Cornwall  LakeDistrict  penetration  statistics  UK  Guardian  2020 
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Cycling through all the streets in central London
I am a passionate cyclist, and I love the streets of London. Most of my travels are daily 25-minute rides to work. Over time my route became boring. I decided to make it a little bit more interesting by taking the parallel streets on my way there. I bought a map of central London and started to colour in the streets to mark the routes that I have taken. And then I got obsessed with it.
cycling  cycling_routes  video  London 
16 hours ago by 0xymoron
Building more Council Housing is not the best way to reduce rough sleeping | Dream Housing
It’s very hard to look at this and conclude that giving Westminster the money needed to build more council flats will result in the kind of dramatic reduction in the number of people sleeping rough which we desperately need to see.
homeless  housing  london  tories  shirleyporter 
yesterday by yorksranter
"Over the course of the past few years, while I was getting to the work and back home, I traveled through every single street in central London."
visualisation  cycling  london  data 
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5 minutes every hour direct from , and an extended news at 6 AM - & AM every morni…
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Lock & Co. Hatters - Shop Exclusive Range of Mens & Womens Hats Online
Discover men's & women's hats from the world's oldest hat shop.
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Bar Italia – 22 Frith St, Soho, London W1D 4RF
Celebrated cafe, popular with Italian football fans, post-club crowds, musicians and mods.
restaurant  italian  lunch  soho  westminster  london 
2 days ago by asaltydog
Italian Restaurant in Central London Piccadilly & Leicester Square
Tasting Sicily Enzo's Kitchen is an Authentic Italian (Sicilian) Restaurant in the heart of London between Piccadilly and Leicester Square.
restaurant  italian  lunch  soho  westminster  london 
2 days ago by asaltydog
wird morgen früh zum Beginn der Anhörung im Woolwich Crown Court in erscheinen. Unterstützen Sie uns d…
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