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Ore for competition #1-8
the way they pass money around this organization is confusing and probably deliberately so
3 days ago by scottcarver
Full list of Westminster councillor Robert Davis's 514 freebies | Society | The Guardian
7 January 2015 – Dinner at Lady Rothermere’s Home in Grosvenor Square (Lady Rothermere) 19 January 2015 - Lunch at Arbuthnot Banking Group Plc (Henry Angst)27 January 2015 – Attended the Press Night of “The Ruling Class” at the Trafalgar Studios (Ambassdor Theatre Group)
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5 days ago by yorksranter
Electoral Reform Society
The Electoral Reform Society is a political pressure group based in the United Kingdom which promotes electoral reform.
politics  democracy  electoral  reform  society  elections  proportional  representation  lobbying  research 
11 days ago by asaltydog
Can Washington Be Automated? - POLITICO Magazine - Feb 2018
Via Blake Reid

"This kind of data-crunching might sound hopelessly wonky, a kind of baseball-stats-geek approach to Washington. But if you’ve spent years attempting to make sense of the Washington information ecosystem—which can often feel like a swirling mass of partially baked ideas, misunderstandings and half-truths—the effect is mesmerizing. FiscalNote takes a morass of documents and history and conventional wisdom and distills it into a precise serving of understanding, the kind on which decisions are made."

"We aren’t far from a future where public commenting on regulations—the process for individual American citizens to offer feedback to their elected government—comes down to a bot vs. bot fight."
automation  politics  Politico  lobbying  AI 
13 days ago by pierredv
Un logo bien « lait »
Centre de recherche et d’informations nutritionnelles
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22 days ago by transnationales

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