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Housing Policy Communities | Wohnbaugenossenschaften Schweiz - Association of non-profit housing developers
Wohnbaugenossenschaften Schweiz ist das Kompetenzzentrum für den gemeinnützigen Wohnungsbau in der Schweiz.
lobbying  zurich  association  cooperatives 
6 days ago by nelag
Return to Sender: Mutual-Fund Reports Will Go Paperless - WSJ
An absurd example of lobbying:

> "The American Forest & Paper Association and the Envelope Manufacturers Association lobbied to maintain the print-first approach, and they rallied retirees and consumer groups to their side."
environment  finance  lobbying 
12 days ago by robmiller
Washington sues Facebook and Google over failure to disclose political ad spending | TechCrunch
(Note that these don’t add up to the totals mentioned above; these are the numbers filed with the state’s Public Disclosure Committee. 2018 amounts are listed but are necessarily incomplete, so I omitted them.)

At least some of the many payments making up these results are not properly documented, and from the looks of it, this could amount to willful negligence. If a company is operating in a state and taking millions for political ads, it really can’t be unaware of that state’s disclosure laws. Yet according to the lawsuits, even basic data like names and addresses of advertisers and the amounts paid were not collected systematically, let alone made available publicly.
lobbying  facebook  google  politics 
14 days ago by danwin
Embattled Chinese telecom giant ZTE beefs up lobbying muscle • Daily Beast
Lachlan Markay:
<p>ZTE Corporation struck a contract with D.C. lobbying and public relations powerhouse Mercury Public Affairs on May 14, a day after Trump tweeted that he would consider lifting the penalties that had been imposed on the company as punishment for its violation of sanctions against Iran and North Korea.

The Mercury consultant working on the account is Bryan Lanza, a veteran of the Trump 2016 presidential campaign. Less than two weeks after Lanza’s work began, the Trump administration announced that it had reached a tentative deal to ease those penalties, a move criticized by lawmakers of both parties.

Many factors likely contributed to the resolution of the ZTE penalties, including efforts to leverage ongoing trade negotiations with China. But the swiftness of the Trump administration’s efforts to reach an agreement with the company—and the equally swift decision of that company to bring on a prominent Trumpworld figure—underscores the new world of influence peddling in Washington D.C. An infamously impulsive president, prone to bucking political norms and changing legislative priorities, has compelled companies to turn to K Street just to keep up.

Former aides to any president are a particularly lucrative draw in DC’s influence industry. And true to form, companies looking to win favor with President Trump have frequently turned to those he once employed. Lanza remains close with the White House and occasionally speaks with the president himself.

The Trump administration plan is a lifeline for ZTE. The Commerce Department’s decision to ban the use of American-manufactured parts in ZTE products, chiefly smartphones, prompted the company to announce that it would be forced to shut down global operations absent U.S. government relief.</p>

So it's all grace and favour again. Trump's venality and hypocrisy never ceases to dismay, but it's worth citing from time to time.
Zte  lobbying  trump 
16 days ago by charlesarthur
The Many Lies of Ajit Pai About Net Neutrality ·
I’ve done a LOT of interviews and talk shows on the issue of Net Neutrality over the last two weeks. After listening to the talking point-festooned “experts” and show hosts with a political agenda, your listeners, readers, and I will not be gaslighted by the exceptionally ridiculous condescension campaign now underway by Net Neutrality opponents.
For those who don’t know, “gaslighting” refers to manipulating someone into questioning or second-guessing their beliefs by distorting facts, attempting to delegitimize evidence with falsehoods, confusing the issues, and suggesting one lacks credibility to speak or write on an issue… because they said so.
Fortunately, when these “facts” come from a cable/telco bought-and-paid-for policy institute or lobbyist, it is easy to identify these campaigns and debunk them. It is also entertaining to turn the tables by questioning the source of their talking points and the agendas in play. We always ask these individuals where the money comes from for their “policy institute” and the answers are always not revealing. For the record, Stop the Cap! doesn’t accept corporate donations, period. We accept contributions exclusively from individuals. It takes just a few seconds to explain our funding while the other side takes minutes tap-dancing around the corporate dark money that funds their efforts.
net_neutrality  broadband  gov2.0  politics  fcc  stop_the_cap  lobbying  propaganda 
18 days ago by rgl7194
The Big Lie ISPs Are Spreading in State Legislatures Is That They Don’t Make Enough Money | Electronic Frontier Foundation
In their effort to prevent states from protecting a free and open Internet, a small handful of massive and extraordinarily profitably Internet service providers (ISPs) are telling state legislatures that network neutrality would hinder their ability to raise revenues to pay for upgrades and thus force them to charge consumers higher bills for Internet access. This is because state-based network neutrality will prohibit data discrimination schemes known as “paid prioritization” where the ISP charges websites and applications new tolls and relegate those that do not pay to the slow lane.
In essence, they are saying they have to charge new fees to websites and applications in order to pay for upgrades and maintenance to their networks. In other words, people are using so much of their broadband product that they can’t keep up on our monthly subscriptions.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
ISP  state  gov2.0  propaganda  lobbying  net_neutrality  EFF  internet  privacy 
4 weeks ago by rgl7194
Foreign Lobby Watch • OpenSecrets
"Use our new FARA search tool, below, to look up the lobbyists registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, the foreign interests they represent, and their meetings and other contacts with government officials."
fara  lobbying  transparency  Accountability  search  data  corruption  governance 
6 weeks ago by sdp
We are curious about data throughout 's government agencies. So we built a free, interactive, free d…
Ohio  lobbying  from twitter_favs
7 weeks ago by caravanstudios

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