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Toddlers may sleep better in cribs until age 3
Parents who wait to start the crib-to-bed transition until toddlers are 3 years old may find that both they and their children get better sleep, researchers say.

In a survey of parents and caregivers across five countries, those who delayed the transition from crib to bed longer were more likely to report less resistance at bedtime, fewer night awakenings and longer sleep duration for children, the study authors report in the journal Sleep Medicine.
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12 hours ago by rockbandit
From freecycling to Fairphones: 24 ways to lead an anti-capitalist life in a capitalist world | Environment | The Guardian
As the new Amazon advert goes, can you feel it? Amid the encroaching dark and increasingly foul weather, December is synonymous with stampedes to the supermarket, endless online clicks and the massed roar of delivery lorries – or, to be reductive about it, capitalism at its most joyful and triumph
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17 hours ago by jeffhammond - Multi-city trips, cheap multi-stop flights
I upvoted 1.0 on Product Hunt: A website that plans multi-destination trips in a few clicks
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2 days ago by guygilbert
RT : Dogs are great coaches+ relievers. There's a dog at the Harvard Medical School Library who's ava…
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3 days ago by clientsurgeseo
Filling the Silence with Digital Noise
In our Life Online research project, we investigated the real-life context in which users perform everyday digital tasks.
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6 days ago by bruno
(Italiano) MeglioMilano - Associazione per migliorare la qualità della vita in città
Estudantes que moram com pessoas mais velhas e dessa forma ambos se enriquecem.
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6 days ago by laisk
🤣 😂😘 great insight {username}, the key to success on Twitter is passion and honestly
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13 days ago by dannypage

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