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Is Junk Food Really Cheaper? - The New York Times
The #USA has 5 fastfood outlets for every #grocery #store #obesity - Call for #culture change - #cooking seen as "work"
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4 days ago by csrollyson
'Wake-up call' over liver disease risks due to weight - BBC News
Scans of nearly 3,000 individuals from the UK Biobank research project showed that 12% had inflamed, fatty livers.

The British Liver Trust said the "very alarming" findings were a 'wake-up call' because the condition can lead to cirrhosis, liver failure and death.

Hepatologists said there was a silent epidemic of fatty liver disease.
UK  public  health  crisis  liver  diseases  NAFLD  obesity  overweight  diet  lifestyle  chronic  sick  population  NHS  sickcare  demand  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble 
9 days ago by asterisk2a
I think I am at least somewhat more productive than average, and people sometimes ask me for productivity tips.  So I decided to just write them all down in one place.

Compound growth gets...
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11 days ago by catichenor
Productivity - Sam Altman
Sam Altman goes straight to the point. This is the best ratio of good advice/words on productivity I've seen in my life.
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11 days ago by simsalis

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