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My experience of deploying keras/tensorflow model on Heroku | Ashu’s Blog
Spoiler : Heroku is not good enough for deploying deep learning models, so go for GCP, AWS or DigitalOcean. If you want to know why and don’t believe me until you do it yourself go ahead and read full content. (via Pocket at June 19, 2019 at 11:41AM )
deep  learning  heroku  keras  tensorflow  from_pocket 
5 hours ago by amaral
The Feynman Technique: The Best Way to Learn Anything
I have mixed feeling on this; because there's sometimes you don't want or need to learn something per se, or learn it JUST enough to get something done (e.g. a piece of code) rubberducking
education  learning  code 
5 hours ago by skorasaurus
How to Explain Anything to Anyone | David R. MacIver
There are exactly three things you need to do in order to explain things well:

Decide what you want to explain.
Find out what the listener already knows.
Express the first in terms of the second.
People routinely miss anywhere between one and all three of these steps, which is unfortunate because every one of these steps is vital if you want your explanation to do anything useful.
learning  teaching  rhetoric  explanation  writing 
9 hours ago by kmt
Azure Citadel
A community driven site devoted to getting hands on & learning AzureExplore technical guides, labs & workshops across a range of Azure topics
azure  cloud  learning 
11 hours ago by yuretz
So You’ve Made a Huge Mistake. What Now? - The New York Times
It’s fine. You’re fine. Everything is O.K.

Step 1: Acknowledge you made a mistake Step 2: Accept that it was a mistake, but don’t allow it to define you or your self-worth
learning  nytimes 
15 hours ago by jorgebarba

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