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The Super-Quick Rise and Even Faster Fall of Groupon
"When I first met you, one of the things that everybody said was I had to read your 'I got fired' letter."
"I would watch these CEOs resign in tumult, when everybody knew they were fired, and yet they still felt the need to put up this façade, as if it was their own choice. I just didn’t want to live with that for the rest of my life. I didn’t want to have to introduce myself to someone and have them know that they’re thinking that I’m this liar."
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The gentle art of management bashing – Elabor8 Insights – Medium
When the authors of the agile manifesto coined the phrase: “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools” in 2001, they probably didn’t foresee it being used as a blunt instrument in the…
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On being lost – wardleymaps – Medium
Sun Tzu had described five factors that matter in competition between two opponents. Loosely speaking, these are: — purpose, landscape, climate, doctrine and leadership.
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The 12 Signs: How to know when you’re slowly but surely becoming a bad manager
# Checklist of practices that should ring alarm bells if you're paying attention

* Claire Lew sharing her personal observations. Overall, it's a sharply observed list some of which I have good protective practices around and others that I need to improve. I really liked this one.
* "Sign #1: You think an employee “should already know that.” _Check. This one I catch myself doing and am able to recognize.
* "Sign #2: You find yourself saying “No” more often than “Why not?” or “Could this work later?” _Check. When under stress, I can absolutely act with bias against creativity. I'm less sure that I notice this. Opportunity here._
* "Sign #3: You ask an employee to stay late without staying late yourself." _I think most engineering leaders in our culture are sensitive to this. Good to explicitly state._
* "Sign #4: You feel like you’re irreplaceable and are the only person who can do a certain part of the job." _I've seen this, but this isn't usually the way that I fail. I agree that it's a warning sign._
* "Sign #5: You think asking certain questions can be dangerous or a giant waste of time." _Interesting. I've caught myself thinking that a question was a waste of time before, but I can't recall the specific instance. Dangerous questions... those should be thoughtfully waded into rather than avoided._
* "Sign #6: You think emotions have no place in the workplace." _Agreed that this is an anti-pattern. I don't find myself getting caught up over this._
* "Sign #7: You think doing something yourself is easier because you can’t trust anyone else to get it done right." _Closely related to #4. Makes sense to me, but not something I struggle with._
* "Sign #8: You think some people deserve your trust more than others — and you act on those hunches." _Yes. Active development area. This is complex for me as it interrelates with working with people as they are rather than merely the roles that they're fulfilling. In practice though, it's difficult for it not to result in playing favorites. Development area._
* "Sign #9: You feel that you need your team to be close by or in the office in order for people to get work done." _Sounds familiar to anybody? Our efforts this year to encourage more time in the office were extremely disruptive with uncertain at best payoff. Not something I catch myself thinking very often._
* "Sign #10: You think that if an employee has a problem, issue, question, or concern, they’ll simply come to you with it." _Good observation._
* "Sign #11: You “test” employees to make sure they’re prepared and working hard." _Agreed. Natural engagement at the right cadence is sufficient without explicit quizzes. If I were to resort to quizzes, I think I should think about whether I have the right engagement._
* "Sign #12: You spend more time thinking about trying to eliminate distractions in the workplace than trying to give people a reason to feel excited about coming to work." _Mostly not an issue in our culture. Not really an issue in my mind.
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