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How to Refocus the Role of the Chief Strategy Officer into a Competitive Advantage
1. Increase the strategic focus of the role (fundemental questions of strategy + significant opportunities for growth)
2. Hold the organization accountable for the tough questions of strategy (identity & differentiation)
3. Rethink the strategic planning process (immersive + versus filling in forms)
4. Shape the future (create the disruption they wan to see... CX, technologies)
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19 hours ago by tom.reeder
The Systems Thinker – A Lifetime of Systems Thinking - Russel Ackoff (2019)
Now where do these self-indulgent reflections leave me? Not surprisingly, where I want to be: discussing the most important aspect of life, having fun. For me there has never been an amount of money that makes it worth doing something that is not fun. So I’m going to recall the principal sources of the fun that I have experienced.
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RT : (2/6) First, my results for ... Nice and balanced, as expected for someone who has spent the bulk of her…
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