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Civil Asset Forfeiture Suffers a Defeat - The Future of Freedom Foundation
Judge: cities in New Mexico can no longer conduct forfeiture of assets from those not convinced of a crime in defiance of the state law ending forfeiture.
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52 minutes ago by mcherm
"Oh—now I see where we part company. You are cleaving unto the spirit of … Premium Giclee Print by Mort Gerberg |
Oh—Now I see where we part company. You are cleaving unto the spirit of the law, while I am cleaving to the letter of the law!"
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5 hours ago by Michael.Massing
Supreme Court releases censored appeal by foreign government in mystery Mueller case
It says the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia is "the first appellate court in American history to exercise criminal jurisdiction over a foreign state."
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7 hours ago by jellis
Feds Can't Force You To Unlock Your iPhone With Finger Or Face, Judge Rules
Judge Westmore declared that the government did not have the right, even with a warrant, to force suspects to incriminate themselves by unlocking their devices with their biological features.
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17 hours ago by corrickwales
Google can limit 'right to be forgotten' to EU says top court adviser | Reuters
Maciej Szpunar’s opinion was welcomed by Google, which locked horns with France’s privacy watchdog after being fined in 2016 for failing to delist sensitive information beyond the borders of the EU.
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18 hours ago by corrickwales
Is a trial a search for the truth? | Appellate Squawk
Prosecutor: (continuing) I had to spend days rehearsing my witnesses, a pathetic bunch of crybabies and losers, to make them get their stories straight. My police witnesses, of course, don’t remember a thing about the incident except that every gun is in plain sight, every defendant has glassy eyes and emanates the odor of alcoholic beverages, and every hassle with a civilian results in substantial pain and physical impairment to the cop, forcing him or her to take three years of paid leave.
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21 hours ago by atbradley

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