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Ruth Davidson telling the Tory party to 'man up' proves that there's no such thing as a liberal Conservative | The Independent
Yes, that’s right, hailed “feminist” and “liberal” Conservative Davidson has managed to be both sexist and ableist in one neat little sentence, that proves one thing: no matter how “liberal” she pretends to be, she’s still a Tory.
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10 days ago by asterisk2a
«Kommunikation Schweiz»: Code of Conduct zur «klaren Trennung von Werbung und Redaktion» | Horizont
Der Kommunikationsrat von KS/CS Kommunikation Schweiz hat einen Code of Conduct  "zur klaren Trennung von Werbung und Redaktion in den Onlinemedien" entworfen, eine Motion für eine angeblich konsumen­ten­freundlichere Preisbekanntgabeverordnung verabschiedet und beschlossen, eine lokale Initiative für ein Plakatverbeot in Genf zu bekämpfen.
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15 days ago by Medienwoche
Stride | Group messaging & video meetings for teams
Auf dem Markt für Kollaborationsdienste gibt es einen weiteren Mitbewerber: Stride aus dem Hause Atlassian. Mit dem Cloud-Programm sollen Nutzer aus den vielen Chats und Videokonferenzen Entscheidungen extrahieren können.

Unter dem Namen Stride hat Atlassian ein neues Cloud-Werkzeug zur Kollaboration im Unternehmen angekündigt. Zentraler Bestandteil ist Meetings, wohinter sich Funktionen zum Austauschen von Nachrichten und für Videokonferenzen verbergen. Optional können Nutzer ihren Bildschirm mit anderen Teilnehmern teilen oder auf einen anderen Client aus der Ferne zugreifen.
cloud  dienstleister  usa  kommunikation  Kollaboration  Team 
5 weeks ago by salomon74
On Quiet Developers – Seán Hanson – Medium
[Community engagement] stands in diametric opposition to diversity initiatives empowering minorities and oppressed groups, and ultimately serves as a proxy for discriminatory hiring practices.
Rather than labeling others as outsiders, we should view ourselves as outsiders. In doing so, we learn to respect and admire others, and further empower people to define their own contributions rather than us defining their contributions on their behalf.
nützlich  Projektmanagement  Programmierung  Gesellschaft  Meinungen  Kommunikation  Büro 
6 weeks ago by Stolzenhain
Contact hypothesis - Wikipedia
If one has the opportunity to communicate with others, they are able to understand and appreciate different points of views involving their way of life. As a result of new appreciation and understanding, prejudice should diminish.
Contact situations need to be long enough to allow this anxiety to decrease and for the members of the conflicting groups to feel comfortable with one another.
interessant  Psychologie  Kommunikation  Gesellschaft  Projektmanagement 
6 weeks ago by Stolzenhain
Wenn der Kiosk zum Paketshop wird | heise online
Dabei soll die Zahl der Läden grob geschätzt zwischen 18.000 bis 48.000 liegen, im Schnitt haben die Läden von 07.00 Uhr morgens bis 01.30 Uhr nachts geöffnet. Jeder fünfte Kiosk wird alleine von den Eigentümern und Familienmitgliedern geschmissen, ohne andere Mitarbeiter. Ein mühseliges Schuften um jeden Euro.
Erlöse aus der Verteilung der Pakete auf monatlich etwa 600 bis 700 Euro. Pro Paket bekommt er von Hermes 40 Cent. Doch dafür müssen Dogan und seine Ehefrau lange arbeiten. Der Kiosk hat sieben Tage die Woche geöffnet, von 7 Uhr morgens bis abends 22 Uhr, nur am Sonntag starten die Dogans eine Stunde später.

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may 2017 by Stolzenhain
Morality in video games shouldn’t be about being a good turtle or evil scorpion | GamesRadar+
Long story short, the scorpion ruins everything by stabbing the turtle with his tail halfway across the river and drowning them both. He had accrued far too many evil points on his way to the river that day by choosing mean dialogue options and so every choice besides ‘laugh and sting the turtle to death’ was greyed out.

This fable is as important today as it was in 600 BC. It suggests that morality exists on a simple sliding scale, with scorpions at one end and turtles at the other, and that we can slide up and down this scale based on our most recent actions. This fable laid the groundwork for every morality system in almost every videogame (including Fable, actually).
Things get more confusing when you consider stealth series like Dishonored and Deus Ex, in which you’re handed a bag full of grenades and warned not to kill anyone if you want to see the ending that has confetti falling down the screen.
Ditch the sliding scale, as Telltale and others have done, and you open games up to a far more interesting exploration of what is nice and what isn’t.
interessant  Medien  Kreation  Spiele  Meinungen  Kultur  Kommunikation 
may 2017 by Stolzenhain
The secret lives of Google raters | Ars Technica
This setup highlights one of the many contradictions embedded in rater work. On the one hand, raters are supposed to represent average users, providing feedback that will help Google craft algorithms that serve the general public. On the other, raters have to stick with Google's interpretation of what an average user is—or risk getting their hours cut. One rater noted that the right answer on a task "often doesn't fit our experiences as real users outside of work."

A significant portion of the Leapforce workers Ars spoke with are disabled, live in remote areas, or take care of young children, so it’s not easy for them to find full-time work outside the home.

Leapforce had to cut the hours of what he estimated at 20 percent of US raters. He couldn't convert these full-time contractors to full-time employees, he said, because Leapforce simply couldn't afford healthcare for all of them.

Ultimately, Roberts views the predicament of raters as an ethical issue as much as a legal one.
interessant  Kommunikation  Medien  Web  Geschichte  Gesellschaft  Wirtschaft  Technik 
april 2017 by Stolzenhain
Drupal, We Need To Talk | Dave Hall Consulting
We live in a post peak Drupal world. Drupal peaked some time during the Drupal 8 development cycle. I’ve had conversations with quite a few people who feel that we’ve lost momentum

After a year I think it is safe to say the community is in denial. Drupal 8 won't be as popular as D7.
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april 2017 by Stolzenhain

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