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Who needs anymore!💪(ping )
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may 2018 by jukkan
Quick! Sign in to Klout one last time and give a "+K" about , before the service is shut down tomorrow…
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may 2018 by jukkan
Matthew Hurst | Klout.com
Klout ranked me among the top 0.1% of people talking about Social Media.

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may 2018 by matthurst
Klout, the scoring system for social media influence, is shutting down • Business Insider
Kif LEswing:
<p>Klout was founded in 2009 by Joe Fernandez, partially as a way to get a job at Twitter, according to Business Insider. But ranking people by importance or influence turned out to be a strong enough idea to raise four rounds of venture funding from top-tier firms totaling $40m.

Eventually, it was sold in 2014 for $200m to Lithium Technologies, which is the company that is shutting down the service later this month. Lithium is a private company that makes digital marketing tools. 

Klout enabled users to share their Facebook and Twitter data, and parsed that data through a vague algorithm to give users a simple popularity metric between 10 and 100, called the "Klout score."

Here's a screenshot of the software, taken on Thursday:
<img src="http://static1.uk.businessinsider.com/image/5af499907708e97cb27aeae9-1426/screen%20shot%202018-05-10%20at%20114456%20am.png" width="100%" />

Lithium CEO Pete Hess discussed the shutdown in an <a href="https://community.lithium.com/t5/Lithium-s-View-Blog/Sunsetting-Klout/ba-p/473363">email to customers on Thursday</a>. "The Klout acquisition provided Lithium with valuable artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities but Klout as a standalone service is not aligned with our long-term strategy," he wrote. 

To be fair, Klout scores are probably not aligned with anyone's long-term strategy, unless that involves becoming a huge Twitter star. Over the years, Klout scores became a punchline for techies and the Twitter-obsessed. "Klout has been one of my go-to punchlines for some time now," TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington wrote in August 2012. </p>

And yet it carried on independently for two more years, and for another four after that. Nine years of Klout? Though I can't say I'll miss it. Never used it; what's a single number compared to the complexity of human interaction?
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may 2018 by charlesarthur
So I guess I can go ahead and remove that score field from my Dynamics 365 instances. Always wondered what t…
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may 2018 by jukkan
They must have had a score in the 90s!
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february 2018 by beeston
Faruk Ateş ✌🏼🏳️‍🌈 on Twitter: "You can believe in evo-psych BS all you want, but you can’t deny history: women were actively pushed out of programming, by men. Fin. 15/15+"
Klout's algorithm marked me as a "top expert n evolutionary psychology" because of this tweet.

(Either this linked tweet, or this one from up-thread:)

"Ser Brosef of House Google builds ALL his assertions on evo-psych (he even admits to it explicitly), an unfounded, disproven ideology. 2/"
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august 2017 by KuraFire
Rishesh Singh | Klout.com
Klout ranked me among the top 0.2% of people talking about IPOs.

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may 2017 by rcsmedia
Klout score algorithm
Odious social measurement company publishes details on their ranking
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december 2016 by nelson
Q fer quan diu q tas petat a i a punt d fer-ho amb i 😛 😉
Bonfinde  Klout  from twitter_favs
may 2016 by deckard67

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