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Screen time: how much is too much?
A vast analysis tackles a defining question of the digital age.
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Kid-Friendly AR Experiences From CES 2019 - VRScout
At the world’s largest technology show, CES 2019, we saw blasters, bots, board games and brain teasers that get kids and families moving, playing, learning and engaging with each other using AR technology.
With an anticipated growth of 200% over the next five years, connected play is more than just fun and games. According to Juniper Research, “Smart Toys will represent an $18 billion hardware and software market by 2023, up from an estimated $6 billion in 2018.” With that kind of growth it comes as no surprise that innovators from around the world are creating new ways for kids to play, learn and explore the world with cool connected experiences.
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Tellables Unveils Its Lineup Of Virtual Storytellers At 2019 Alexa Conference - VRScout
Since the introduction of the Amazon Alexa and Google Home, Tellables, an app developer specializing in voice-driven storytelling, has been delivering easily-accessible audio tales through these voice assistant devices via simplistic commands, such as “Alexa, open my box of chocolates” or “Alexa, open Tricky Genie.”
Teaming up with Amazon, the company has now set its sights on more visual storytelling through its use of virtual human storytellers. Powered by the Amazon Sumerian proprietary VR & AR development platform, these AI-powered personalities will recite engaging, original audio-based stories in natural, human voices; further enhanced by well-timed gestures and various other immersion-enhancing techniques.
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5 beautiful places to take the kids hiking | tucson life |
Angela Pittenger Dec 12, 2018
Beautiful desert scenery galore. That's what you'll see here.

The park is located at the base of the Santa Catalina Mountains and has nearly 5,000 saguaros and more than 150 species of birds. Bring binoculars to let the kiddos get a closer look at some of Tucson's feathered friends.
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On the association between adolescent well-being and digital technology use
Lies, damn lies, and statistics. 'if we believe screens are destroying a generation [of kids] that would mean that so are potatoes, having asthma, not drinking milk, going to movies, music, religion, being tall, biking, and wearing glasses' [...]

'The take home from this new study is the evidence that smart phones are destroying a generation is not any stronger than potatoes and eyeglasses are destroying a generation. The moral panic surrounding the fear of screens is simply not supported by good science.'
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