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The Revenge: Timo Boll vs. KUKA Robot Last year, Timo Boll challenged the KUKA KR AGILUS in his area of expertise: table tennis. Now, it is up to Timo to prove his qualities in a completely different kind of duel. The revenge is on. Man and machine are ready. The KUKA KR AGILUS and Timo […]
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Europe's Robots to Become 'Electronic Persons' Under Draft Plan
Europe's growing army of robot workers could be classed as "electronic persons" and their owners liable to paying social security for them if the European Union adopts a draft plan to address the realities of a new industrial revolution.

Robots are being deployed in ever-greater numbers in factories and also taking on tasks such as personal care or surgery, raising fears over unemployment, wealth inequality and alienation.
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kuka robot arm simulates repeatedly sitting in a seat to test for wear and tear.
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